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Prince Charles invited to launch organic ale created for Prince George

Prince CharlesYet another Prince George inspired product is making its debut. RoyalAle George manufactured by the Liverpool Organic Brewery will make its debut at a Liverpool beer festival. The grandfather of the beer’s namesake has been invited to partake in the first sip of the new beer.

Prince Charles has been asked to join Liverpool Organic Brewery for their launch of RoyalAle George at a beer festival being held at St. George Hall in Liverpool at the end of September. “The brewery was founded in the spirit of highlighting the best of British and the birth of a future King certainly fits that bill” Marc Hensby, Managing Director of Liverpool Organic Brewing stated. The brewery has hopes that Prince Charles will attend the festival and if not, plans to send some of the RoyalAle George for the Prince to sample.

Ironically, the beer festival is being held in the building that is a favourite of Prince Charles, who in the past has deemed it; “’worthy of Athens”. St. George Hall has storied history not only for its many events but with the monarchy as well.

In the early 19th century the residents of Liverpool felt there needed to be a gathering hall for music as well as a building for the Civil and Crown Courts. Construction began in 1838 with foundation stone laid for Queen Victoria’s coronation. Finally in 1854, St. George Hall opened its doors. In the last two decades of the 19th century, St. George Hall was in a state of shambles. After a major undertaking of renovation, it was reopened in 2007 and is once again a seminal place for cultural and artistic endeavours.

Prince George has inspired another beer manufacturer, McMullen and Sons in Hertford, to create a Royally inspired drink as well; Heir Raiser. It seems The Duke and Duchess and now Prince George are inspiration for brewers across the UK, from Castle Rock Brewery in Nottingham releasing their Kiss Me Kate for the Royal Wedding to the two new brews in honour of Prince George.

photo credit: Steve Rhodes via photopin cc

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