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Prince Charles hosts reception for youth leadership programme

Prince CharlesThe Prince of Wales has been a busy man this week with his numerous programmes that comprise The Prince’s Trust. Earlier this week he hosted a reception for the entrepreneurs who are part of PRIME (The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise) which supports start up businesses for people over 50. On Tuesday he opened The Tomorrow Store, a shop selling products solely produced by those participating in the youth programme. Now, His Royal Highness is hosting a reception for those who participate in Mosaic.

Mosaic is part of Business in the Community (BITC), which in turn is funded by The Prince’s Charities. “The Prince of Wales’ Charities have given business support to almost 400,000 people and created 125,000 entrepreneurs,” According to Business in the Community and their most recent report. Mosaic encourages the youth hailing from the more underprivileged populations, and assists them in honing their talents and to build their self-esteem. They pair up the participants with members of the community who become their mentors. This in turn builds the self-confidence necessary to achieve their goals and dreams, not just in the employment sector but long term in their lives.

The programme targets four distinct groups in which they provide the tools necessary to overcome the obstacles they face or may have dealt with in the past. Mosaic targets primary and secondary students as well as young adults who may have had problems with the law in the past as well as an international group of youth leaders.

Mosaic presently has programmes in five areas of the United Kingdom – London, North West, South East, West Midlands and Yorkshire. Mosaic has also gone global with its International Leadership Programme. “We’re so proud of the work that we do with young people, and these research findings demonstrate the real impact that The Prince’s Charities, of which Mosaic is a part, has on the communities they serve” Mosaic’s National Director, Jonathan Freeman stated via

Prince Charles, along with The Prince’s Charities, has always been a staunch supporter of entrepreneurs both young and old, as well as projects that are ‘personal initiative’ based. “It is important to recognise that SMEs [small and medium enterprises] form the bedrock of any sustainable economy and certainly of any local economy. This is often forgotten… My charities have often acted as a lender of last resort, at a low rate of interest and with that all-important element of mentoring and advice from volunteer business advisers,” Prince Charles discussed in the Sunday Telegraph. His Royal Highness continued, “Such advice in the first two or three years is absolutely vital, and so I am hugely grateful to an army of some 7,000 volunteers, without whom we would be unable to achieve the necessary sustainable enterprises.”

photo credit: MichaelOlsen/ZorkMagazine via photopin cc

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