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Prince Charles gives the Royal seal of approval to school conservation project

School life is jam-packed with projects and when a class from Wicklewood School embarked on their Amazon rainforest project, little did they know that their work would soon be granted the Royal seal of approval.

The entire class wrote to Prince Charles to tell him that they thought he had “forgotten about the rainforest” since the launch of the Prince’s Rainforests Project in 2007. Though the children didn’t beat around the bush with their letters, honesty really did prove to be the best policy as 22 individual responses from Clarence House soon dropped through the post.

Teacher at Wicklewood School, Simon Underhil, spoke of the correspondence with The Prince of Wales, “We decided to write to Prince Charles when we learnt about writing persuasive letters, as he had launched this campaign a few years back, which was really successful. He made loads of videos which were really high-profile, but he hasn’t done one for a while so we thought we would get in touch.”

When the bag of letters arrived, Simon Underhil revealed that the class of youngsters “screamed and jumped in their seats.” One of those youngsters was Olivia Rigney who said, “We had to wait until the end of the day to open them but we were all so excited.”

But just what was in the letters to Prince Charles? According to nine-year old Joseph Leverage his letter said the following, “I am writing to plead you to refocus your efforts to save the Amazon rainforest. Your efforts were decreasing the amount of trees being chopped down in 2008. You made it the lowest deforestation ever. Unfortunately your websites no longer work. I feel like you have forgotten about your rainforest project.” Striking words from such a young pupil, don’t you think?

The Prince’s Rainforests Project was set up in 2007 by The Prince of Wales following reports to promote awareness of the urgent need to take action against tropical deforestation. The Prince of Wales has long been concerned about climate change and how destruction of the world’s rainforests contributes to rising temperatures and sea levels.

So as 22 individual letters were posted to Wicklewood School from Clarence House, the reply simply said that Prince Charles was “immensely touched” to have receive the letters. The letter continued, “It really was most thoughtful of you and His Royal Highness has asked me to send you his warmest thanks and best wishes.” The Prince also included some information on his work to protect the rainforest.

On 27th January, Prince Charles presented prizes for ‘sustainable leaders’ at Guildhall whilst on Monday 26th January, Charles attended The Prince of Wales’s International Sustainability Unit meeting on Forests, Climate Change and Development at the British Academy.

Featured Photo Credit: UK in Sweden

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