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Prince Charles given toy helicopter for Prince George

Prince Charles visited Poundbury, part of the Duchy of Cornwall today.

Prince Charles visited Poundbury, part of the Duchy of Cornwall today.

The Prince of Wales was in Poundbury, the town near to Dorchester in Dorset that he was instrumental in helping develop. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Poundbury.

During the visit, Prince Charles visited the recently opened toy store, Boo’s, where he was given a wooden helicopter for Prince George.

The area is part of the Prince’s Duchy of Cornwall and was created “to implement the principles expounded in The Prince of Wales’s 1989 book, A Vision of Britain,” as per the Duchy of Cornwall’s website.

Poundbury, which was planned and designed by Leon Krier, broke new ground in 1993 and has become an internationally recognized “example of sustainable urban development which has put the needs of people before cars,” reports the Daily Mail.

By 2025, Poundbury is slated for completion. It is expected to provide housing for 5,000 people as well as employment for approximately 2,000 individuals.

Presently, 2,000 people reside in Poundbury. The town employs around 1,600 people and 140 businesses have ‘set up shop.’

“We sat down with local people at the start to brainstorm this whole approach,” Charles commented during his speech. In speaking of the planning and people, he continued: “If it hadn’t been for their endorsement of what they also wanted to see, it would never have got so far. So now I hope it’s part of Dorchester in an important way.”

Whilst visiting, Charles also stopped off to meet the Thomas family, and their eight-month-old daughter, who purchased their home as part of a shared ownership scheme.

“It’s very popular with the people that live here. I think it’s probably the attractiveness of the public realm. ‘It’s not just the architectural design of the buildings, it’s the streets and the general environment,” Poundbury’s Development Manager, Simon Conibear commented.

Prior to his latest Poundbury visit, the Prince stopped by the Dorset Archives Service in Dorchester. Whilst at the centre, Charles took part in a conservation project in which he pasted liners to protect rare 18th century jury lists.

“He’s so used to working with paint brushes he was able to follow my directions easily,” Conservation officer Rebecca Donnan commented.

photo credit: YT Blue via photopin cc

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