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Prince Charles ‘checks’ in at Paddington hospital

The Prince of Wales opened the Surgical Innovation Centre and visit the Health Innovation Exchange (HELIX) ‘Pop-Up’ Studio at St Mary’s Hospital on Wednesday.

The visit allowed for Prince Charles to see how innovation and design are changing healthcare at St Mary’s.

The Surgical Innovation Centre (SIC) at St Mary’s Hospital is a distinctive surgical facility creating a cooperative of clinical excellence, research, education and training in one location.

The Centre specialises in general, weight-loss and breast surgery as well as gastroenterological and urology cases.

The Centre houses two laparoscopic theatres allowing patients to benefit from cutting-edge techniques in minimally invasive surgery. The Centre is also home to the state of the art ‘da Vinci’ robot which performs more complex procedures including ear, nose and throat surgery.

Training facilities incorporate 3D imaging, a robotics laboratory and simulated operating theatres along with hospital wards which are used by undergraduate and postgraduate medical students.

In the past year, approximately 2000 patients have undergone surgical procedures in the Centre. The Centre prides itself on being able to promptly discharge day patients and keyhole surgery following expert care.

In January 2015, The HELIX ‘Pop-Up’ studio opened outside St Mary’s Hospital. It brings together patients, clinicians and designers to create new ideas into prototype products, processes and services to try to solve every day healthcare questions.

During his visit, Charles heard about some of the innovative approaches designed to confront childhood obesity.

The Prince also viewed a smart phone app that will help children with asthma, a design intervention to perfect patient cancer care and a design-led solution to enhance understanding in bowel cancer screening.

The project is part of partnership among the Royal College of Art and the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London.

Featured photo credit: UK in Sweden via photo pin cc

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