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Prince Charles backs controversial £4 million whiskey distillery

Residents in the village of Princetown are angry with Prince Charles for backing plans for a £4 million whisky distillery in the Duchy of Cornwall. Concerns stem from the fact that the modern three-story building will impede residents views of Dartmoor and be the first thing that visitor’s see when approaching the town.

Building plans for the new distillery would see it built on a two-acre site, which is owned by Prince Charles in his position as Duke of Cornwall. In addition to the distillery itself, there are also plans for the additional construction of a visitor centre and shop.

Residents are up in arms about the proposal, however, and are adamant that the national park’s one current whisky maker – Dartmoor Whisky Distillery – is more than enough and another is unneeded.

Forty-nine-year-old mother of four and Princetown resident Liz Charlton expressed her dissatisfaction with the plans when she called the idea ‘nothing short of ridiculous’ as there is ‘already one distillery sitting just outside the park’ and so no need or reason for another. Like many residents, her concerns stem from the fact that with its location to new distillery would cast a shadow over the town.

Princetown Distillers is the body behind the new distillery plans, and they are seeking to move ahead with the proposal in spite of resident’s concerns. The Dartmoor location was chosen specifically because of its high rainfall and low temperatures, which combine to create the perfect backdrop for making spirits.

In a statement from the Duchy of Cornwall, a spokesperson has said that the benefits of the distillery are many and that the tourism and employment opportunities that the project will create outweigh the drawbacks.

Founded in 1785, the historic town of Princetown was named after the Prince of Wales and is the home to Dartmoor Prison.

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