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Prince Charles attends multinational meeting for climate change

Prince Charles attended The Prince of Wales’s International Sustainability Unit meeting on Forests, Climate Change and Development at the British Academy in London on Monday.

Attending the meeting on Monday were those who play a vital role working on forests, climate change and development. Those in attendance included NGOs such as Greenpeace and WWF, Ministers and representatives from Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil, Norway, Germany, UK, The World Bank and The European Commission. Also included were scientists, academics and private sector companies committed to reduce deforestation in their supply chains.

In November 2013, Charles discussed that the role of private companies can also be pivotal reducing deforestation and climate change. “All around the world we are faced increasingly with the complications caused by sometimes an inability to take the necessary action,” he noted.

2015 is a crucial year for efforts to defend the world’s remaining forests. The UN plans to establish New Sustainable Development Goals in September as well as a new climate change agreement expected for launch in December by the UNVCCC in Paris.

Monday’s meeting was arranged by The Prince of Wales’ International Sustainability Unit, working thoroughly with Her Majesty’s Government (DECC, DFID , DEFRA and FCO).

Prince Charles also delivered a key-note speech at the event.

Charles began The Prince’s Rainforests Project in October 2007 to discover reasonable solutions to reduce tropical deforestation and fight climate change. The devastation and ruin of the tropical rainforests is the third largest contributor to carbon emissions worldwide after power generation.

In a 2008 speech the European Parliament in Brussels, Charles commented: “In the simplest terms, we have to make the rainforests worth more alive than dead.”

Charles created 2010 The Prince’s Rainforests Project, which is now part of the International Sustainability Unit.

The fundamental goal of the ISU is to help shape consensus on how to develop the enduring solutions demanded to meet the challenges of climate change and natural resource reduction, with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture and fisheries management.

New scientific research reveals how crucial forests are for worldwide agriculture and food safety, and proves that decreasing deforestation and degradation while engaging in large-scale restoration of forests may lead to almost 30% of the greenhouse gas emission reductions required to thwart runaway climate change.

A tireless supporter of environmental issues including climate change, The Prince of Wales continues to champion for the future.

Featured photo credit: Northern Ireland Office via photopin cc

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