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Prince Charles and Princess Anne among Debrett’s most influential people in charity

The Prince of Wales and The Princess Royal, have been named in the Debrett’s 500, both falling into the category of Most Influential People in Charity. Although the Prince was also nominated for the architecture category, he only appeared on the Charity list.


According to Debrett’s, “The Debrett’s 500 is a positive endorsement and recognition of Britain’s 500 most influential people. It has been carefully compiled by independent panels of specialists in each field who provided nominations for selection to Debrett’s. A truly inspiring group of people.”

In addition to their duties as members of the Royal Family, Prince Charles and Princess Anne have both played pivotal roles in areas of work that they hold a particular interest in. Prince Charles has been incredibly involved in agriculture for the last 20 years, and has often been at the forefront of research and development related to sustainability and organic produce. The Prince’s Charities is a group of 25 not-for-profit organisations across various industries that he works to support both directly with engagements, and indirectly. His foray into business with his organic foods brand, Duchy Originals, has raised over £11 million in profits to date, a large portion of which is donated to the charities he supports.


For her part, Princess Anne undertakes a huge number of engagements each year, and rarely receives the amount of press her brother or nephews receive. She is the official patron of over 200 organisations, and in 1991 initiated The Princess Royal Trust for Carers. This organisation created “a network of carers’ centres that provided advice and support” for those who are caring for disabled family members or friends. Since its foundation, The Princess Royal Trust for Carers has established 144 independently managed centres, and has become the largest carer network in the country, and “supports more young carers than any other organisation in the world.”

photo credit: chego-chego and WorldSkills via photopin cc

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