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Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall re-open iconic sites

On 18 July, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visited Penzance and Cornwall for a historic day of reopening iconic sites. The tour will take 3 days.

The iconic sites, namely Jubilee Pool and St John’s hall have undergone regeneration work. Jubilee Pool cost 2.9 million pounds to repair after storm damage inflicted on the Art Deco structure in the winter of 2014. While The Duchess of Cornwall was shown around St John’s hall which also cost millions to repair.

Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall toured Penzance Farmers market where they met local producers, local entrepreneurs and charities. The charities present included Fishing for Litter, Seafood Cornwall training and Farm Cornwall. They also met representatives of local community groups that include: Penzance Hand Knitters, West Cornwall Healthwatch, Street level Penzance, Penwith Dementia Action Alliance and The Royal Geological Society of Cornwall.

Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall sampled a Regan Josh curry during a tour to the farmers market in Penzance. The Duchess joked at the market on the first day of a three-day tour about her husband making a mess of his attire.

June Hornby owner of Rubby June’s Indian kitchen said:”The prince lifted the spoon up and had a sniff of the Rogan Josh then Camilla made a joke that he had dropped some on his shirt and he went “Oh” and looked.”

The Duchess of Cornwall met with staff and members from Cornwall council and representatives of local schools and the community while Prine Charles formally reopened Jubilee pool.

After the announcement of their tour, The Council of Cornwall chairman Ann Kerridge said: “This is a very special day both for Penzance and Cornwall council. We are delighted to have the opportunity to welcome their Royal Highnesses to see the work which has been led by the council to transform St John’s hall into this superb building and to repair and reopen Jubilee pool.”

Their Royal Highnesses also performances from Orchestra known as Penzance String and Cornwall council’s choir

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