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Prince Charles and Camilla avoid garlic so they don’t smell at engagements

In a week, where what happens during business meetings and engagements has dramatically hit the headlines, Tom Parker-Bowles has given away some trade secrets as to what precautions some members of the Royal Family do to avoid food-related issues affecting their meeting people at close-quarters.

He said that the Royal chefs were very, very good but among the ingredients definitely off the menu for either engagements or the evening before were onions, garlic and chili. The former two are well-known for leaving an odour on the breath, and he commented “You can’t go stinking of garlic when you are shaking hands the next day”. According to a former Royal chef who was interview earlier this year, Her Majesty, The Queen has an aversion to garlic and believes it is anti-social to eat it.

As for eating chilli, rather than an odour it has a tendency to induce perspiration. At an event where formal attire is required which in itself may make the wearer overly warm this could also lead to embarrassment with the eagle-eyed press in attendance.

Tom, who is the son of the Duchess of Cornwall from her first marriage was speaking at the Henley Literary Festival. He is a food writer and critic, and recently wrote the Fortnum & Mason’s first cookbook. He said that his mother was a good cook with an excellent knowledge of which vegetables were in season when. That being the philosophy behind the meals he had whilst growing up in the family home with his sister.

He said his own style of cooking would not find favour with the couple, as he preferred to use endless spices. They themselves have always been fans of British based dishes and the Prince is a great fan of a game-based menu. As a child, the most exotic he got was on trips to London with his Grandmother when he was treated by being taken to Italian restaurants.

He also said his mother was an expert with an AGA, though he would probably get lynched for his mistrust of them.

  • Mr. Christian

    How many soft boiled eggs and other food does this wealthy aristocrat demand only to chuck it away if it doesn’t meet his delicate taste buds? He was notorious for having 100 eggs prepared for his brekker. But, the stench of death is what is really on his breathe. He is notorious for his friendly sword dance with the Sharia Law Saudi Royals, at times when they and other Gulf Kingdoms were murdering whole nations and cultures as Yemen; and, he was pocketing their lucre for his pet spider memo schemes. Maybe he will be sued–together with those as Tony Blair–for his war and Nuremburg war crimes. This by a dymote.

  • Kathleen Ames

    Well for once I disagree with Her Majesty. I love a bit of garlic in certain dishes, But then I don’t have to shake people’s hands and be in their face allow day so maybe they have a point.

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