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Prince Charles: An eco-friendly kitchen fit for a king

HRH The Prince of WalesThose looking to purchase an affordable eco-friendly kitchen now can, thanks to HRH The Prince of Wales for helping to make that possible.

In 2011, Prince Charles toured a model home when visiting the Ideal Home Show. Quite unlike typical model homes, this home is known as ‘The Prince’s Natural House’, created by The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community. The home features a vast amount of environmentally-friendly features, such as being constructed of all-natural non-toxic materials, being energy efficient and having improved air quality inside. Perhaps the most impressive feat is the home’s visual appeal as a traditional looking home while still boasting a low carbon footprint and being easy to manufacture.

The kitchen inside the home was created by Plain English, a company which designs and creates bespoke kitchens. The famously environmentally-minded Prince was tremendously impressed with the kitchen. Those at Plain English were inspired by Prince Charles’ comments and set out on designing an affordable selection of ‘green’ designed cupboards, so that those with limited funds could still enjoy the benefits of an environmentally-conscious lifestyle.

Known as The British Standard Cabinets, the cupboards are currently available on the Plain English website. While the cabinets are created in the same Suffolk location as the more expensive Plain English kitchens, The British Standard Cabinets are not eligible for the fitting service available for other items.

Customers may choose from three colours for their cabinet worktops. In addition, the “range contains floor, tall and wall cabinets, which come in egg shell for you to paint the colour of your choice,” according to the Daily Mail.

Creative Director of Plain English, Katie Fontana, applauded Prince Charles’ influence and the company’s execution of the idea. “We wanted to celebrate 20 years of Plain English by taking a lead from His Royal Highness, Prince Charles: going back to basic and making cupboards that ordinary people can afford – ‘sensible cupboards at sensible prices’. We are also paying tribute to the British craftsmen of the past whose honest, unfussy but eminently practical designs provided the original inspiration for Plain English all those years ago,” Fontana said.

Customers can expect to pay around £5,000 to outfit a whole kitchen. If a customer is interested in single cupboards, they can pay £400 each. While these prices are not the cheapest of cabinet options, they are much more affordable than the original model kitchen Prince Charles toured in The Prince’s Natural House in 2011. The eco-friendly kitchen displayed in that home is estimated to cost £35,000 for purchase and installation.

photo credit: GovernmentZA via photopin cc

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