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Prince Charles advised on crop circles by Oscar-winning actor Mark Rylance

A lot of people may remember Mark Rylance from his award-winning performance as Thomas Cromwell in the BBC series “Wolf Hall” last year. Mark played the part of Thomas Cromwell, an English lawyer and statesman, and chief statesman to King Henry VIII. However, as he has revealed in an interview in Australia, he has also enjoyed a similar role in real life. Both he and Prince Charles have a mutual interest in crop circles, and Mark has apparently both discussed them with the Prince and also forwarded magazines and other information on crop circles to him.

They first met, when Mark was playing Henry V at the Globe Theatre and discussions also covered Shakespeare which the Prince also has a keen interest in. He, of course, was guest of honour at the celebration of Shakespeare from Stratford shown earlier this year. Despite having similar interests, Mark is still deeply respectful of the Prince and refers to him as Sir. “I still call him ‘sir’ in respect for his extraordinary fate. He’s just a human soul like you or I, but he’s been born into this incredible fate and so I respect him as I would respect anyone who has had an extraordinary fate given to them.”

Mark Rylance is currently touring the World as part of a publicity tour following his portrayal of the BFG in Steven Spielberg’s latest film.

Crop Circles as phenomenon probably since the 1970’s, although there are references to similar effects through history. However, some of the earlier ones are dissimilar in that the crops were cut rather than bent which they are now. The Prince it is said has been interested in them since the early 1990’s when crop circles appeared in fields near his Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire. He was going to have a meeting around that time with Colin Andrews who was, and is someone who has undertaken a lot of research into them. However, news of the meeting was leaked to the tabloid media and the meeting was cancelled.

There has been no comment from Kensington Palace with regards to the comments made by Mark Rylance.

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