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Post-divorce letters by Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales to go on sale

They were undoubtedly difficult times for the newly-divorced couple. A turbulent marriage had just come to an end and, understandably, emotions were running high.

The immediate thoughts and feelings of Prince Charles following his separation from Diana, Princess of Wales in 1996 are captured in a letter he sent to close friend and interior designer Dudley Poplak, set to be auctioned off at Dominic Winter Auctioneers in Cirencester on 14 June.

In the letter, written two days after the official announcement of the separation, the Prince of Wales vents his frustration over the struggles he had been through- all of which were ‘’part of the test.’’

He wrote, “The trouble is that, at the time, it can be pretty awful having to live through all the misinterpretation and the flak put up by those who stand for the purist materialist values.

“Perhaps they will appreciate the things I try to do after I am dead!’’

Another Kensington Palace-crested letter handwritten by the Princess, in which she thanks Poplak for good reading suggestions that he made, is also up for grabs.

“I have been fascinated by the contents of the Daily Meditations,’’ the Princess wrote. ‘’As for a couple of years now I’ve followed the French philosopher Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov’s way of thinking, but in my travels had not come across this particular edition.

“You are marvellous, Dudley, the way you’ve kindly sent me all these things to read – they do interest me enormously.”

Among the collection that will also go under the hammer is another letter sent by the Prince to landscape consultant Vernon Russell-Smith, in which he defends his quotes he made about modern architecture in a BBC documentary. A pair of white shoes worn by the Princess when she a nursery assistant at the age of 19 is also expected to fetch anything between £200 and £800.

  • Celya723

    If nothing scandalous is exposed then everyone is better off than having all that couples sordid personal details hung out for another unnecessary public evisceration once again. God preserve these people from the public drubbing they receive for just being them.

  • Thomas Tannler

    It is strange to me that people even care about such matters.

    • Celya723

      Curiosity about what was on their minds at the time, innocuous stuff one hopes to quell the roar into silence.

  • PennieP

    I don’t understand why this is up for Auction.
    Is nothing sacred with these People?

    • Celya723

      Greed is dismissive of all that should be sacrosanct. Remember Diana’s sister destroyed bundles of her personal correspondence just so this wouldn’t happen from her end. Regrettably recipients aren’t of the same mind.

      • PennieP

        They ( her kids?) Just sold off a TON of her personal jewelry and some more gowns.
        What’s wrong with them?

        • Celya723

          Most likely the proceeds’ll go to their charities, and I doubt any family members would want to wear their mothers jewels who don’t already own keepsakes already like her sisters and all her clothes are bespoke so why not sell her things so they’re not disintegrating in storage somewhere.
          Remember her son William was behind the first big sale, why not continue the trend for the greater good?

          • PennieP

            Great point. You are correct about the first auction. I do believe I read that William was instrumental for that… Her jewelry?
            That should be saved. If not for Catherine but at least for Charlotte.
            Some of the pieces are one of a kind.
            Diana was 5’10” and a size 6.
            Just who can wear those items.
            It would have served them best to put them on display.
            What do I know? It’s not like any one asked for my opinion. I think the personal letters bother me most. But, that is just me.

          • Celya723

            I wouldn’t doubt extended family members had turned down the opportunity to choose things from her estate, and there’s probably thousands of articles still left for the boys to go thru after her life of public service was over.
            And it appears the letters are from the correspondents, not the royal family itself selling them. They might have palace clearance to sell them for all we know. We’ll find out eventually!

          • PennieP

            I hope so. Not just because it was Diana, I just think that personal enrichment over another’s private life is not right.
            I do remember the Butler (?) selling out to news and media outlets not too long ago. That just isn’t right.

          • Celya723

            Diana’s former butler was pardoned by the Queen over the personal items he sold when he was experiencing a financial rough patch. All the accusations and fingerpointing brought the situation to the highest level of Palace scrutiny and he was absolved.
            All the rest of this might be profiteering at its worst but as long as there’s interest in the late Princess there’ll always be someone willing to buy whatever appears on the market.

          • PennieP

            Thank you for the information. I do know that articles and stories about the Late Princess have tripled since January.
            Every Tabloid and even the last Vanity Fair photo shoot has been on display at every Supermarket Checkout.
            I forgot about the whole Butler story and that the Queen pardoned him. Funny how you remember some things and forget about others.
            I thank you, again for providing me with the information. Greatly appreciated!!

        • Teri Ann Tingen

          Princes William and Harry have not sold any of Diana Princess of Wale’s jewelry. Right before she died she commissioned a necklace and worn it to the ballet, but had not purchased it yet. It is known as the Swan Lake Suite. It is being sold my a Ukraine couple for $10M. It has been sold on several occasions. Princess Margaret’s son sold a large portion of her jewelry and other personal items in order to pay the death duties. One item being watch given to her by Queen Elizabeth.

          “The “Swan Lake Suite” of jewelry consists of two pieces, a diamond and pearl necklace and a pair of matching diamond and pearl drop earrings. The suite was designed and executed by Garrards, the Crown Jewelers, in the spring of 1997, on an order placed by Diana, the Princess of Wales. The first piece of jewelry to be completed by Garrards, was the stunning pearl and diamond necklace, which was said to have been designed with the Princess’ knowledge and assistance. Immediately after the completion of the necklace, Diana, the Princess of Wales, was invited as the Royal Guest of Honor, at the Royal Gala Performance of Derek Deane’s ballet “Swan Lake” to be held at the Royal Albert Hall, on Tuesday, June 3, 1997.”

          • PennieP

            Thank you for the information.
            I was puzzled as to why all her valuable and very iconic pieces.
            Now, it all makes perfect sense.
            See? These comment boards are informative and educational.
            Thank you so much for your post. It cleared up some questions about why this piece was sold. I was wondering why the earrings were not part of the set.
            Thank you, again.

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