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New Communications Secretary appointed for Charles and Camilla

It has been announced that Julian Payne has been appointed as the new communications secretary to The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall.

Mr Payne, who currently works for the luxury fashion house Burberry, will replace the outgoing Communications Secretary, Kristina Kyriacou in the summer.

Mr Payne started working for Burbury after spending six years with the BBC as Director of Communications in the aftermath of the Jimmy Saville scandal. He also was the head of communications for BBC Radio 1.Before working for the BBC, Mr Payne was a partner at Henry’s House where he dealt with clients including Honda and the Beckham family.The news of Mr Payne’s appointment comes after Royal Central previously reported that feisty Communications Secretary  Kristina Kyriacou, left her role.

Ms Kyriacou has a reputation for being fiercely protective over all of her clients. Before being appointed as Assistant Communications Secretary to the Prince in 2012, she had worked as an advisor for an array of stars in the music industry.

She has been credited as the person who launched George Michael’s solo career, and rebranded Cheryl Cole as a charity campaigner.

Out of all of the aides that work for the royal family, Ms Kyriacou is probably the best known after her clash with a television reporter in May last year.

Michael Crick from Channel Four News, attempted to ask the Prince about whether the so called ‘black spider memos’ were unconstitutional when as he made his way to an engagement. However, when he attempted to ask the question, she ferociously grabbed the microphone out of Crick’s hand and threw it to the floor.

Mr Payne will begin his job in the summer, where he will deal with correspondents and liaise with the media.

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