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Matt Smith describes Prince Charles and Camilla’s visit to the Doctor Who studios as a ‘real treat’

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have won praise from Doctor Who actor Matt Smith after visiting the show’s studio on Wednesday.

“It was great to welcome the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall to set today, Matt revealed. “Showing them how to fly the TARDIS was a real treat and something I never thought I would be doing when I first took on the role.”


Prince Charles and Camilla met Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman on Tuesday. Photo: Gordon Rayner/Twitter

The royal pair were visiting the famous studios as part of their third day on their annual summer tour of Wales.

Prince Charles got a chance to take over a Daleks’ voice speaking into the microphone and saying the famous words “Exterminate!”

The grandfather-to-be impressed actor and sound technician Nicholas Briggs with his attempt at the Daleks’ most famous catchphrase.

“He really stepped up to the plate,” Nicholas said. “Apart from a couple of giggles at the end, he did really good.”

During the visit, the royal couple also met Matt’s co-star Jenna Coleman, along with other members of the crew.

Jenna Coleman revealed the Prince tried to get her to spill secrets of the upcoming 50th anniversary special, which will air in November.

“The prince was particularly interested in the mechanics of how the TARDIS works and the storyline for the upcoming 50th anniversary special,” Jenna joked. “But I didn’t give too many secrets away.”

Steven Moffat, producer of the BBC hit show, told reporters he would be willing to give the Prince of Wales a guest role. “I haven’t thought about how I could weave a meeting between the Doctor and the royal family,” Steven said. “But if Prince Charles wants a part, I’m sure we could arrange something.”

During their annual trip to Wales, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall reside at their holiday home in Llwynywemod, near Llandovery.

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