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Gifting a horseshoe and ‘Walking a Country Mile’ with Prince Charles and Camilla

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall visited the East Midlands on Monday.

The first stop on the tour of Rutland on Monday was St John and St Anne Almshouse. Prince Charles is Patron, the Almshouse Association.

The Almshouse provides housing for retired people who want to maintain their independence.

Charles and Camilla viewed two of the Almshouse apartments and met their residents, before moving to the Chapel of St John. In the chapel the Royal couple met residents taking part in activities that run by the Almshouse.

During their visit on Monday, they also viewed the Royal Charter and the plaques that commemorate the restoration and re-dedication of the chapel 30 years ago.

The tour concluded in the Common Room with a reception and on to a plaque unveiling to commemorate the visit.

Photo Courtesy of @RutlandCharcute

Photo Courtesy of @RutlandCharcute

As their day continued, Charles and his wife made their way to the Market Place where they walked through Market Square. During their time at Market Square they met stall holders and shop owners as well as those associated in Oakham in Bloom.

Photo Courtesy of @RutlandCharcute

Photo Courtesy of @RutlandCharcute

The Prince and Duchess walked to Oakham Castle grounds where they met local military personnel from Kendrew Barracks and St Georges Barracks, scouts and guide groups from the area and friends of the museum and people involved in ‘Step up to Serve.’

Launched in November 2013 by The Prince of Wales and the three main party leaders, Step up to Serve is a campaign for youth social action. The goal is to double the number of young people taking part in social action through volunteering and campaigning by 2020.

Following the time-honoured tradition in Oakham, a Peer of the Realm or senior member of the Royal Family should offer a horseshoe to the Lord of the Manor on passing through the town on the first visit to the town. The Duchess of Cornwall presented a decorative horseshoe to the Lord of the Manor Mr Hanbury.

The oldest surviving horseshoe is said to have been given by Edward IV around 1470. The most recent gifts were made by The Princess Royal in 1999, The Prince of Wales in 2003 and Princess Alexandra in 2005.

“Royal visits are always extremely popular in Rutland and I am sure this will be no different. I remember when The Prince of Wales last visited the county back in 2003 and he has always shown great interest in the area and is extremely knowledgeable about Rutland. This is a historic event and one that I would imagine local people will be keen to support,” Coun Roger Begy (Con), Leader of Rutland County Council, noted.

Prince Charles walking in Oakham earlier. Photo courtesy of Neil Tomlinson @Wheely73

Prince Charles walking in Oakham. Photo courtesy of Neil Tomlinson

The visit concluded with a trip to Rutland Water Nature Reserve to meet Wildlife Trust volunteers and tour some of the wetlands and wildlife sanctuary. The Prince of Wales is Patron the Wildlife Trust.

Camilla joined children in the education Centre as Charles embarked on a brief walk through the reserve.

Charles rejoined his wife as they attended a volunteer reception before meeting with children and volunteers involved in Prince’s Countryside Fund initiative ‘Walk a Country Mile’.
Charles and his wife then started the walkers off, on a mile long course around the reserve.

The Prince’s Countryside Fund is urging people to get out and about in the countryside and ‘Walk a Country Mile.’ The goal is to raise funds to support rural projects as well as increase recognition of the vast English countryside.

Owned by Anglian Water, and managed by the Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust, Rutland Water Nature reserve and Reservoir affords one of the most significant wildfowl sanctuaries in Great Britain.

Photos courtesy of Rutland Charcuterie @RutlandCharcute and Neil Tomlinson @Wheely73

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