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Duchess of Cornwall to appear in The Crown season three

Producer Suzanne Mackie has confirmed that the character of Camilla Parker Bowles will take a starring role in the third season of smash hit Netflix show The Crown.

Fans and viewers of the show no doubt knew ‘Camilla is coming’ but Mackie confirmed just when the Duchess of Cornwall will enter the world of The Crown during a Q&A session at the British Film Institute and Radio Times Festival in London.

Mackie told the audience that series creator Peter Morgan is “already talking about the most wonderful things…You start meeting Camilla Parker Bowles in season three”. This would suggest season three will be set in the 1970s when Prince Charles and Camilla first met.

Mackie added: “We have to be honest, season three and four are being mapped out and the closer the history comes – I now can say, ‘God, I know exactly what I was feeling when that happened, I remember that and I remember this.’ That’s so exciting.”

Details of season two still remain a closely guarded secret but Mackie was able to reveal that the story will start in 1956 with the Suez Crisis and finish with the resignation of Prime Minister Howard Macmillan.

Director Philip Martin said that: “The first season happened in a bubble; I think that Elizabeth and Phillip and Margaret are all in a world and everybody is in some ways supportive of them. And I think in the second season the world comes crashing in.”

During the session Mackie also spoke about the pressure of creating the most expensive TV series ever made when she said: “But there’s a responsibility to it that you ought to do it properly and there’s where the weight comes, not from seven years but we’ve got to keep being great.”

Nominated for a Costume Designers Guild Award for ‘Excellence in a Period Television Series’ it’s no surprise that The Crown has become known for it’s impeccable costumes, intricate sets and gorgeous visual appeal. The first season of the lavish Netflix drama cost $1.67 million USD to create, setting a standard that viewers and producers will want maintained throughout future seasons of the series.

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