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Duchess of Cornwall spends the day in South Dublin

During a trip to South Dublin on Friday, the Duchess of Cornwall revealed her fascination with bees. She spent part of the day at Airfield Estate in Dundrum.

The Overend family purchased the estate in 1974 for educational and recreational purposes. The land was first bought as a summer home in 1894.

Brian O’Toole, from Leinster Honey, a local beekeeper pointed out the Queen Bee in an observation hive on the estate. He told the Irish Times: “This morning I found a second queen, which is quite unusual. She’s somewhere in there, lurking.”

Rain forced Camilla to leave the bees behind. Mr O’Toole said she was fascinated with them. He continued: “She is fascinated by bees.”

Pointing to the “clipped and marked” Queen, he said: “That one will just disappear after a few weeks, but the new queen, the lady-in-waiting, will take over.”

Camilla then viewed the Jersey maiden heifers on the estate’s farm; 3-year-old Quinn Tallentire was at the estate with his mum Clare, and brothers Harry and Sam. The family is from Durham. The Duchess extended her hand and Quinn rewarded her with a high-five. Clare told the Irish Times: “I can’t believe he gave her a high-five. He thinks she’s the queen.”

She then planted a tree, saying she hoped it would “grow well.”

Earlier in the day, Camilla spent time at the Rape Crisis Centre in Dublin on Lower Leeson Street. She was heard saying to Chief Executive, Noeline Blackwell: “I don’t want to interrupt,” as she provided her with a tour of the facility.

Ms Blackwell praised The Duchess for raising awareness about rape. “It’s been a taboo subject for so long,” Camilla said.

Staff stated they could easily receive 20 to 40 calls per day in an 11-hour period. They don’t just receive calls from Ireland but the UK too and other parts of the world. Approximately 155 callers identified as British citizens last year. With the large number of calls, Camilla said: “Think how many people are not calling.”

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