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Duchess of Cornwall meets family members of mafia victims

On Saturday, the second day in Italy of the Brexit charm offensive, the Duchess of Cornwall spent a day in a villa on the cliffs overlooking the Bay of Naples where she met family members of victims of the mafia. The villa was once owned by mafia boss, Michele Zaza. Zaza died in custody at the age of 49 in 1994 for double murder and several other mafia-related crimes.

La Gloriette, his villa, was seized by the state and is now used by several charities that assist victims of domestic violence and those with mental illness. The Duchess met with family members of the 360 innocent men whose sons and husbands were murdered over the last 30 years by the Camorra – the name of the mafia based in the Naples region. Thousands have been involved and affected by organised crime. Her Royal Highness told them: “You are all very strong. You are all very brave women.”

One woman told Camilla of how her husband was murdered eight years ago while he was working as a security guard. Another woman spoke of how her 26-year-old son was murdered when he was mistaken for someone else by the Camorra.

“This is a symbol of the fight against organised crime,” the Duchess was told by the Deputy Mayor of Naples, Raffaele Del Giudice, as reported by ITV.

Her Royal Highness during the fashion show on Saturday. @ClarenceHouse/Twitter

Her Royal Highness also observed a once-hidden mural with mafia symbols on the wall of the villa. Those loyal to the Camorra covered it with plaster, and it was only discovered after the well-fortified property was seized. The two-headed snake represents the branches of the mafia from Sicily and Naples, the peacock for vanity, the mask all-seeing eyes, and the headless naked woman as the mafias view of women. Women are only there for procreation and are not able to think or speak. Camilla also watched a fashion show where the models wore clothes designed by survivors of human trafficking.

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