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Duchess of Cornwall extends tenure as President of Brooke animal welfare charity

For the past 10 years, Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cornwall has served as President of Brooke – Action For Working Horses and Donkeys. Now it has been announced that she is extending this position into the future. The UK-based charity works to improve the lives of these working animals in developing countries.

During her tenure, the Duchess has traveled to observe the horses, mules and donkeys used by locals to bring in an income so they might support their families. There are more than 100 million horses, donkeys and mules used by approximately 600 million people in the most difficult environments in the world. She has traveled to Egypt, where Brooke was founded in 1934; Jordan, Pakistan, after the earthquake in 2005 and to India after the flooding in 2013.

She has also hosted Brooke events in the UK. One being a horsemanship demonstration by the charity’s ambassador, Monty Roberts. The Queen, who is also a huge lover of horses also attended this event in October 2015. The Duchess also celebrated the advancement of Brooke USA at it’s USA headquarters in Kentucky when she and the Prince of Wales visited the United States in March of the same year.

The extension of this position coincides with the new launch of a new Brooke website and brand strategy.

Petra Ingram, Brooke’s Chief Executive explained the benefits of having such a strong advocate in the Duchess for the welfare of working animals.

She said: “In the time The Duchess has been our president, Brooke has continued to expand, and we now reach almost two million animals per year, three times more than in 2006. Her Royal Highness helps us by bringing public attention to the plight of working horses, donkeys and mules around the world, and we are deeply grateful for her support.

“We have bold ambitions for the next five years, and I am delighted to have The Duchess as our President, so we can reach thousands of new supporters, and improve the lives of even more animals.”

  • Susan Klee

    “Brooke USA at its (not it’s)) USA headquarters”

  • Diana Hockley

    The importance of welfare for working animals in poor countries is often dismissed easily by people. The fact is that the family donkey, horse, camel or ox is the only means of livelihood for the family and if this animal is sick or dies, then that family has no means to earn a living. Carting water, collecting rubbish off dumps to sell, hauling grain and produce – these animals desperately need organisations such as Brooke and SPANA to give them tetanus injections and heal wounds, trim hooves and teeth, provide proper padded harness and bits for mouths. Many people in these countries use barbed wire as bits and actually drill holes either side of an animal’s mouth to insert a wire bit. Brooke educates the owners (especially the women) on how to care for their animals and gives them the means to do so. SPANA hires and pays the women of the villages to make the padded harness for the animals and gives them sewing machines to do this thereby creating further income, Both organisations travel throughout the countries with mobile vet clinics and have education programs for the children of villages, so that when they grow up they will have a whole different attitude to the animals who work for them. That is why the patronage of a royal is so important to these charities.

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