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Duchess of Cornwall enjoys an equestrian performance at a riding school in Vienna

On the last day of the nine-day royal tour of Europe, the Duchess of Cornwall spent some time at a prestigious Spanish riding school, the Winter Riding School in central Vienna. She was shown around the school and stables by its director, Elisabeth Gurtler. Camilla has long been a fan of equestrian sports. After her tour, she was treated to a special performance done in her honour.

The performance was done in the classic ‘equitation in the Renaissance tradition of the Haute Ecole,’ according to the Daily Express. Winter Riding School is listed on UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

After the performance, Her Royal Highness, with sugar lumps in hand, greeted and fed the horses. Of the entertainment, she told the Daily Express: “It was wonderful.”

She continued: “I normally bring my polo mints, but I’ve forgotten them today.

“The last time I was here was in 1970.”

During that previous visit, she had toured the historic buildings of the 450-year-old UNESCO-listed school. The Spanish portion of the school’s name is taken from the Lippizaner stallions who originated in the 16th century from horses from the Iberian Peninsula. To conclude her visit, the Duchess of Cornwall met the riders at a reception in a room located above the school.

This event took place on the very last day of the pre-Brexit charm offensive tour which began with the Prince of Wales visiting Romania. The tour took the royal couple to Italy where they visited Florence and Rome. They also met the Pope and then travelled to Austria where they were treated to a state banquet held in their honour. They visited and toured the Jewish Museum where they met British and Austrian survivors of Nazi persecution, as well. They also visited a vineyard and tasted local wines.

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