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Duchess of Cornwall takes part in Jamie Oliver cook off

The Duchess of Cornwall joined Jamie Oliver yesterday, but this was in the City of London rather than halfway down Southend Pier. The Duchess is the patron of UKHarvest, and last night there was a major fundraising event where CEO’s from several large organisations in the United Kingdom joined Jamie and the Duchess to serve meals to a wide variety of deserving people from the community. The Duchess joined Jamie in some of the cookery demonstrations, and the campaigning chef took to social media to thank her for her support and attendance. In addition to providing all the meals to those that attended, £500,000 was raised, and the figure is still rising.

According to Jamie Oliver on the UKHarvest website: “We’re recruiting 100 of the UK’s top CEOs and business leaders and asking them to raise £10,000 each, with help from their colleagues, companies, friends – and you – the Great British public. The CEOs will join 30 of the nation’s very best chefs, to cook a banquet for hundreds of everyday heroes who work in our schools and hospitals, as a thank you for all their hard work caring for our children and patients.”

The Duchess with Jamie Oliver. Photo: @ClarenceHouse/Twitter

About 600 people were catered for by Jamie, the Duchess, the CEO’s and a team of top chefs who had given their time for free. In addition to catering skills donated, all the cooking appliances were also generously donated to the event.

UKHarvest seek to bridge a very significant gap which is causing needless food waste, and arranging for food to be collected from supermarkets where they are keen not to stock it as it is close to the sell-by date and deliver it to various charities around the UK who can use the food almost immediately to assist men, women and children who are in need across the UK. This is the type of organisation which is dear to the Duchess’s heart, as she supports organisations who help the poor all around the world and has at Christmas attended many Emmaus communities with the United Kingdom.

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