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Controversy as pothole is filled in outside Charles and Camilla’s house

Controversy has hit the town of Tetbury in Gloucestershire after a pothole was filled in outside The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall’s house. However, the rest of the road has been left in a damaged state.

The A433, where Highgrove House is located, has been plagued with potholes for years causing major issues for cyclists and other road users. The council have now repaired a section of the road, but only outside of Prince Charles’s house leaving the rest of the road untouched. This has not pleased many locals.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, local resident Jeanne Bower-Robinson, said: “We get fobbed off. I don’t think the council listen to us.”

She added that the amount of noise that is generated by vehicles trying to avoid the potholes is “appalling”.

Responding to the fact only the road outside of Highgrove House was fixed, a Clarence House spokesperson said that the Prince of Wales had no influence on the repairs.

Local Councillor Vernon Smith, said: “We have had no contact with the Highgrove Estate about the A433.

“This resurfacing work has been planned for two years following safety inspections and analysis of the road.”

Highgrove House is located just off the A433 and is the family residence of The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall.

Prince Charles often hosts a variety of charitable events at the house, as well as opening the gardens to visitors which often generates over 30,000 guests each year.

The house is one of the most protected locations in the UK with a civilian no-fly zone being imposed in the skies above, as well as being only one of several designated sites protected by law from criminal trespass.

  • Royal Bloodline Descent on fa

    One must assume a pot hole corrected outside the the home of Prince Charles and not the remainder of the connecting road is not the decision or request of the Prince but that of the towns authority which like many a municipality has there priorities messed up.

    Frederic von Ebert

    Royal Bloodline Descent on Face book

  • Kathleen Ames

    Based on our own experience of potholes being randomly repaired, I suspect this was not requested by the Prince but rather by an ‘official’ who thinks he is in for a knighthood!

  • UF

    The toffs always get the mine. The peons always get the shaft

  • Adrian Settle

    Wouldn’t want to damage all these expensive cars would we

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