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Charles visits Finsbury Park and delivers message of solidarity

Prince Charles has visited faith leaders and members of the community that were the victims of a suspected terrorist attack in Finsbury Park.

Nine people were taken to the hospital, and two were treated at the scene after being hit by a van following Ramadan prayers.

Makram Ali, who had collapsed at the site before the attack, and those gathered to help were struck by a van. Mr Ali died at the scene, and police are currently trying to determine the cause of death.

Prince Charles delivered a personal message from The Queen saying: “The Queen has specifically asked me to tell you how shocked she was by what happened, particularly as the victims were worshippers who had been attending Ramadan prayers – and Her Majesty’s thoughts and prayers are with you all.”

Prince Charles also added his own message as he spoke to faith leaders during a visit to Muslim Welfare House: “And if I may say so, I can only but join my particular thoughts and prayers to Her Majesty’s on this occasion, and to say that for many years I have taken a great interest in the Muslim community in this country.”

Imam Mohammed Mahmoud, who was there to greet the Prince, has been praised for his bravery as he shielded the attacker from angry bystanders.  Prince Charles said he was “deeply impressed” by Imam Mahmoud and added, “Thank goodness we have wonderful leaders.”

The Prince also met Yassin Hersi who was left with a broken right leg and tissue damage in the another. The Prince asked him, “Are you sure you should be here?” as Hersi appeared in crutches and a cast.

Mr Hersi said that he was grateful Prince Charles had visited as it highlighted that people cared “from top to bottom.”

He praised Prince Charles’s sympathy saying: “He’s been really sympathetic and very sorry for what happened to us, very supportive.”

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