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Charles, Camilla and Colombia: día tres

The Prince of Wales visited one of Colombia’s most striking areas on Thursday, what was the third day of the Royal couple’s visit to Colombia.

The Prince visited Cano Cristales also known as the liquid rainbow. The algae in river cause the change in colour at various times during the year.

Cano Cristales was once held by the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia guerrillas but is now safely in the hands of the Colombian Government.

Earlier in the day, during his visit to the Peace and Reconciliation Exhibition and Ceremony at the Peace and Reconciliation Centre in Bogota, The Prince of Wales shared with those gathered the hurt and anguish he felt after losing his great-uncle, Lord Mountbatten.

You can read the full story on Royal Central’s article: Prince Charles talks about pain of losing his uncle.

Charles commented upon leaving Cano Cristales that “It was marvellous. The red colour of the waters was very intense.”

Joining Charles during his was Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos Calderon who has been influential in helping to protect Colombia’s Amazon region.

Earlier The Prince of Wales had flown to the huge Chiribiquete National Park that includes the Amazon rainforest where it crosses into Colombia.

The Duchess of Cornwall and The First Lady together attended a meeting about ending sexual violence in Colombia. Camilla met Jineth Bedoya Lima, a journalist and campaigner who was kidnapped in May 2000 and again in August 2003. Lima is now the leader of “Now is not the Time to be Silent”.

Duchess of Cornwall has worked to raise consciousness of the issue of rape and sexual violence. In the UK and on trip abroad, Camilla has met victims of sexual violence and listened to their stories of their terrible experiences.

The Duchess and the First Lady then visited the Quinta de Bolivar Museum. The Quinta de Bolivar is a colonial house in Bogota, Colombia, that functioned as a residence to Simon Bolivar in the capital after the war of independence.

It is now a museum devoted to Bolivar’s life and times. Bolívar played a crucial role in Latin America’s successful struggle for independence from the Spanish Empire.

The Duchess and The First Lady then visited the Escuela de Cabelleria del Ejercito, where they met with staff and some of the equine occupants. Camilla breeds her own horses and is a keen equestrian. During their visit, they toured the stables, viewed an equestrian display and met some young rider.

Charles and his wife headed to beautiful Cartagena later in the day to continue their tour of Colombia.

On Friday they will visit the Museo del Oro (Gold Museum), visit the Naval Academy and unveil a commemorative for soldiers who died in 1741 as British forces attempted to take the city of Cartagena, Fort of San Felipe, Cartagena

Later on Friday, The Prince of Wales, Admiral of the Fleet, and The Duchess of Cornwall, will attend a Sunset Ceremony and Reception on board HMS Argyll. The President and the First Lady of Colombia will join them for the event and later dinner.

Charles and Camilla end their visit to Colombia today and will travel to Mexico City, Mexico on Sunday as they begin their second part of their nine day visit.

Featured Photo Credit: Rebecca English @RE_DailyMail
Photo Credits: Chris Jackson, Getty Images.

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