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Camilla teams up with Fortnum & Mason to sell honey from private Wiltshire garden


The Duchess of Cornwall has teamed up with Fortnum & Mason to sell her own limited edition honey.

Who doesn’t like a bit of friendly competition? Especially when that competition is between none other then the Prince of Wales and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Together with Fortnum & Mason, the Duchess of Cornwall is selling honey produced by bees that live in her private garden in Wiltshire. This honey is being produced only a short distance away from the Prince of Wales’s Highgrove Estate, which has been producing honey for some time now.

Fortnum & Mason describe the Duchess of Cornwall’s honey as being made from “delicately perfumed nectar with subtle hints of chamomile, making it the ideal accompaniment to ice cream on hot summer days, or for sweetening tea”.

Prince Charles’s Highgrove Honey is made on his Duchy Home Farm and is sold at the Highgrove farm shop in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. The “mixed floral type produced from hives sited on Duchy Home Farm where the bees forage on clover, wild berries, dandelion and orchard fruits” honey is sold for £5.50.

In addition, the organic food brand, Duchy Originals, started by the Prince of Wales on the Duchy of Cornwall estate, produces a Scottish Heather Honey. Beehives on the Balmoral estate create this honey and it goes for £4.99.

The Duchess’s limited edition honey (only 250 jars) sells for £20 each, with 100 per cent of the proceeds being donated to the Medical Detection Dogs charity, of which the Duchess is patron. The charity works with dogs, training them to alert their owners, who deal with potentially life-threatening health conditions, through their sense of smell, when they are about to experience a seizure or an other health issue.

“I’m certain our customers will love it,” said Fortnum & Mason chief executive, Ewan Venters. Fortnum & Mason is confident that although the honey may be pricey the limited edition jars will sell out and hopefully become a collectors item one day.

If interested in purchasing the Duchess of Cornwall’s one time honey, it is available in the Fortnum & Mason stores in Piccadilly, Heathrow Terminal 5, St Pancras International station and online.

You can visit the Fortnum & Mason website by visiting

Featured photo credit: UK in France via photopin cc

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