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Camilla Reveals Unusual Food Favourite

medium_6021281370Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has revealed she has an unusual food favourite.

The Duchess may have dined on dinners prepared by some the world’s most famous chefs however she has now confessed she loves nothing more than eating raw peas.

During the launch of a national competition to encourage young people to grown their own food, Camilla , 65, revealed her love for the simple yet tasty vegetable.

“I like them cooked but I tell you what I really like – eating peas straight from the garden”. The Duchess said to reporter eight-year old Annika Matharu from Godolphin Junior School in Slough, Berkshire.

“If you take them straight from the pod they are delicious and really sweet.” she continued.

Camilla, married to Prince Charles, then explained her grandchildren were also fans of raw peas.

“I take all my grandchildren down to the garden and they spend hours and hours eating peas.”

“They eat and they eat until they are almost sick” she joked.

The Duchess was at the school in Slough, to launch British Food Fornight’s new competition which is to challenge school children across the country to get involved with food and create a harvest box of food.

Winners of the competition will be invited to a celebration in October which will take place at Westminster Abbey, the same place Kate Middleton married Prince William.

“As you know, we had a rather special family wedding in the Abbey not so long ago – so I’m sure that, in this magnificent setting, right in the heart of London, it will be a memorable occasion for the 800 children attending.” Camilla said at the launch.

“Learning how to grow cook your own food can be a real adventure – even if it has to compete with iPods and YouTube.”

photo credit: University Hospitals Birmingham via photopin cc

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