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Camilla praises Theresa May for speaking out about her diabetes

The Duchess of Cornwall has praised British Prime Minister, Theresa May, for her openness about diabetes, a condition which she was diagnosed with in 2013.

Camilla’s comments come after she and the Prime Minister attended an reception at London’s Guildhall to mark type 1 diabetes charity, JDRF’s 30th anniversary.

The Duchess is President of JDRF UK, a type 1 diabetes charity, which aims to help the quality of life for people suffering with the condition.

Theresa May was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2013. She is the only world leader to ever have been in power with the condition.

In her keynote speech, the Duchess said: “I’m hugely encouraged by the news that research on a global scale has driven forward development of an artificial pancreas, with researchers in the UK now testing it in adults and children. I know that everyone at JDRF is looking forward in the hope that a cure for this devastating disease will be found in the not too distant future.”

“We are very lucky that the Prime Minister has been able to join us tonight, despite her incredibly busy schedule. If I may say so, her openness about living with diabetes has given an immense boost to its public profile.”

After the reception, Mrs May said: “I am proud to support the important work of JDRF and it was a pleasure to join scientists, supporters and volunteers as they celebrate this important milestone.”

The Duchess of Cornwall’s speech was to commend the hard work of JDRF-funded scientists who work towards eradicating the disease which affects 400,000 people in the UK. Of these, 29,000 sufferers are children.

The Lord Mayor of London, Lord Mountevans, chose JDRF as a the charity of this year’s Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

Featured Photo Credit: Andy Gott via Flickr CC
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