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By Royal Appointment: John Lobb Ltd

If you have wondered where Prince Philip and Prince Charles stylish and high class shoes come from, it sparks from a long history of popular celebrities and past royals.

It is likely you will see Prince Philip or Prince Charles wearing John Lobb shoes when attending engagements. The shoe smith has a long history, having been established in 1849. The original John Lobb was the holder of a Royal Warrant as official Bootmaker for King Edward who reigned from 1901- 1910. Since that time John Lobb’s brand has been known for it’s classic, elegant and timeless style. Some other famous faces that have been seen wearing John Lobb shoes include Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner. Famous for not only the recognizable bodies that have embodied these handmade shoes, but also the location.

The John Lobb, Bootmaker shop sits iconically on St. James street whilst located in the vicinity of St. James Palace. A convenient location for the Royals that have chosen to walk their famous steps in John Lobb shoes. The Duke of Edinburgh and Prince of Wales have become icons for the famous Bootmaker. John Lobb now holds a Royal Warrant as official Bookmaker for Prince Charles and Prince Philip like they did 100 years earlier with Edward, Prince of Wales.

John Lobb is known not only for the Royals and celebrities who makes their shoes iconic but the luxury and the craftsmanship. These shoes can be priced in the four figures but the detail of the craftsmanship justifies their expensive price. Made from large cuts of leather and their iconic blocked heel makes these designs seamless. John Lobb makes the shoes to fit your foot perfectly. It’s a personal process and takes time. If you’re wanting a pair of John Lobb shoes you can’t expect to go to the famous store on St. James street and walk out of the store with a pair of stylish and classic footwear. This is what makes the John Lobb brand unique and high class.

In 2009, Prince Charles was seen wearing a pair of John Lobb shoes that he bought when he was 20 years old, 40 years prior. This shows that John Lobb brand footwear can last you a lifetime! Their long process of making classic, elegant footwear and their expensive price is justified with the quality of the footwear. It is true that you if buy expensive footwear, you will be able to wear them over a long period of time and know that they will never go out of style. That same year Prince Charles was also voted as World’s Best Dressed Man in the US Magazine, Esquire. Prince Charles is known for his classic, timeless look and his John Lobb shoes play a huge part in this reputation. His style is a direct reflection of the classic, timeless and elegance that the John Lobb brand tries to portray in their shoes. The John Lobb brand is known for their detailed craftsmanship and expensive taste of Royals and celebrities alike. Their classic and elegance style is timeless and can be worn over a 40 year span just like Prince Charles.

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