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Ant and Dec meet Prince Charles in new documentary

The Prince of Wales and his two sons will be appearing in a new documentary on ITV, alongside television presenters Ant and Dec to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Prince’s Trust.

Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, who are ambassadors for the Prince’s Trust, spent 12 months following Charles for the programme.

In the 90-minute film, Prince William and Prince Harry talk to the Newcastle born duo of their father’s habits. They describe how the 67 year old has a bad habit of ‘rabbiting on’ and recalled how he used to embarrass them by laughing at the wrong moments when he visited them at school.

William and Harry also described how their father will write vast numbers of letters by hand during the day, but say his writing gets harder to read as they day goes on due to him getting tired. They say that they often struggle to read the heir to the throne’s writing and whether they are being praised or told off.

The documentary, ‘When Ant And Dec Met The Prince: 40 Years Of The Prince’s Trust’, will be broadcast in early January. It celebrates the 40th anniversary of the trust and highlights the work that it has accomplished over the years.

The trust was launched by Charles in 1976, and works with people aged 13 to 30 who are struggling with school or unemployment.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, McPartlin said “I think he may have had a few issues with [my accent]. I would ask him a question and sometimes he would just smile.

“He was lovely about Camilla and the two boys and being a granddad. It was fascinating just to hear him talk like that.

“What got me was how I could actually relate to him when he talked about his family, which seems crackers given how totally different we are. But he talked about sitting with his granddad, King George, and remembering how he could feel the sofa because he was always wearing short trousers.”

Speaking of his family, Charles admits that he has not yet changed one of his grandchildren’s nappies, but says that he takes comfort in the fact they will be here ‘to look after me when I am doddering about’.

When Ant And Dec Met The Prince: 40 Years Of The Prince’s Trust will air on ITV1 at 9pm on January 4th.

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