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71% Of People Believe Camilla Shouldn’t Be Charles’s Queen

In our most recent polls, we have discovered some alarming statistics. The one we’re going to discuss in this article is the question ‘Do you think Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall should become Prince Charles’s Queen?’.

In our poll, we received very alarming results. A few weeks ago, we did an article called “Could Prince Charles Be Skipped And Have William As King?“, it attracted some considerable readers and also sparked some interesting discussion regarding whether Camilla should be made Queen.

We then decided to go away and conduct a poll on the matter to get a broader idea of what people think about the idea of a Queen Camilla being consort to Prince Charles.

When the poll closed today, we reviewed the votes and were shocked at just how many people were point-blank against the idea of Camilla becoming Queen Consort.

Incredibly, 71% of people who voted (out of 127 people who cast a vote) believed that Camilla should not be Prince Charles’s consort. Only 29% were for the idea of Camilla becoming Queen.

A few years ago, Clarence House already said that Camilla would not become Queen upon Prince Charles’s accession to the throne, but assume the rather unusual title of Princess Consort which has never been used in the British Monarchy before. All wives of Kings have always been Queens.

Clarence House is believed to have said this to stave off negative public feeling towards Camilla. Recently Camilla was recorded to have said that it’s still possible she become Queen, which it is.

If she was to become Charles’s Princess Consort, it would mean nothing more than assuming a different title. Officially, unless a change in law was introduced, she’d still be Queen, however she’d assume the title of Princess. Much like now whereas she is officially Princess Of Wales but doesn’t use the title to avoid connotations the title had with the late Diana, Princess Of Wales.

We find it sad that Prince Charles may never see his wife become Queen. We see very little reason why Camilla shouldn’t be Queen.

If you have an opinion on the matter or would like to counter/support anything we’ve said, we’d love to hear it, just enter your comment in the comments box below.

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