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With 8 Weeks To Go, How Is The Duchess Of Cambridge Preparing For Royal Baby’s Birth?

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit People Affected By The Rioting In BirminghamWe’re just eight weeks from welcoming the future King or Queen of Britain in to the world as HRH The Duchess of Cambridge prepares to give birth to the first direct future heir to the throne since Prince William’s own birth in 1982.

Sources report that the Duchess is due to give birth on 13th July. We already know that her due date is mid-July for sure, though no specific date has been formally released.

Multiple images have surfaced of the Duchess of cambridge out shopping with family for baby goods, including a baby basket. Some sources are now saying that Kensington Palace Apartment 1A is being amended to include a nursery for the Cambridges’ first child.

From birth, the child of the Cambridges will be styled as HRH Prince/Princess <NAME> of Cambridge and will immediately be placed as 3rd in line to the throne, pushing Prince Harry down to 4th and everyone below a place down.

One day, this child will be King or Queen of the United Kingdom. Thanks to the Succession to the Crown Act 2013, if the baby is a girl, it can no longer be overtaken by a younger brother and will definitely be Queen.

  • The Royal Baby is to be born in mid-July.
  • It will be styled as HRH and a Prince/Princess from birth, thanks to a special letters patent from The Queen.
  • It will be King or Queen of Britain one day.
  • It will be 3rd in line to the throne.
  • The Duchess of Cambridge will give up royal engagements in mid-June in preparation for the birth.
  • The birth will be announced through the traditional mediums, including the traditional notice affixed to the gates of Buckingham Palace.
  • The birth will be marked by gun salutes across the country.
  • The Cambridges will choose a traditional name.
  • Sources are suggesting that the Royal baby will be a boy because some people have seen the Duchess buying blue baby stuff.
  • The Daily Mail suggests that the royal baby will be born on 13th July.
  • Some sources suggest the Duchess will temporarily live with her mother in Bucklebury after the birth, though we’re not sure how likely this is.
  • If the Duchess is admitted to hospital prior to the birth, it is likely to be St Mary’s hospital where many members of the Royal Family have been born before.
  • We think that if the royal baby is a boy, then its first (of probably four) names would be Prince James and if a girl would be named Princess Mary.

photo credit: Beacon Radio via photopin cc

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