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William and Kate were ‘ideal’ tenants says university landlady

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have been praised by their university landlady, who described the couple as ‘ideal’ and ‘friendly’ tenants.

“They were ideal,” landlady Charlotte Smith told “We tried to treat them like normal tenants.”

William and Kate rented the Victorian terrace during their second year at St Andrews in 2002 and shared with close friends Fergus Boyd and Olivia Bleasdale.


The Duke and Duchess have been described as ‘ideal’ tenants by their university landlady.

The landlady explained William was “very charming” and added that he “came across as a throughly nice man.”

When asked about the Duchess, she replied: “She was very friendly.”

Charlotte Smith, who brought Georgian style property in 1993, also cleared up a few rumours about the home that the press had reported on.

“The press got all sorts of weird ideas about where he was living and the sort of security he was supposed to have, we read one report where he was supposed to have steel walls which we know for a fact wasn’t the case,” the landlady said. “He really had a very normal student life up there.”

However, she did add that securing the property was a long process. “It was incredibly complicated and started about three months before they moved in.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who recently welcomed their first child Prince George, are currently preparing to move into their official London residence, Kensington Palace.

In recent years, the couple have rented a modest property in Anglesey in North Wales, while Prince William completed his RAF search-and-rescue tour of duty.

Last week, William announced he would be leaving his military career to focus on royal duties and parenthood.

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