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William and Kate to attend events in Wales

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will travel to Wales on Saturday where they will take a tour of the Valero Pembroke Refinery, a major employer in West Wales.

The royal couple will visit the Refinery to mark the 50th anniversary since it was officially opened as well as offering an opportunity to highlight the prosperity the Refinery has brought to the county.

The Pembroke Refinery was opened in fifty years ago in 1964 by The Queen Mother. 1200 local people are in work because of the Refinery and over £1.5 million a week is contributed to the Welsh economy.

The Refinery is also the first major industrial employer in South Pembrokeshire since the closure of the Pembroke Dock in 1926.

Once William and Kate arrive, they will be shown a display which shows the 50 year history of the refinery and the impact it has had. The couple will also meet staff including workers, apprentices, placement students as well as their mentors. During the day, the couple will meet local organisations from the community who are supported by the Refinery, too.

Before they leave, The Duke and Duchess will unveil a plaque and a painting by a local artist.

Photo credit: tsaiproject via photopin cc

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