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“When will the Royal Baby’s names be announced?” and other Royal Baby questions answered

In this article, we’re going to explain some of the important parts of the Royal Baby being ‘brought into the world’ using past precedent. This is by no means the definitive answer for what will happen, though it is what’s likely to happen, based on these things happening before for royal births.


Prince William’s christening after his birth in 1982, Buckingham Palace.

Names for royal babies have different time frames for being announced. For example, the Countess of Wessex named her daughter, Lady Louise, 16 days after giving birth in 2003 but that was due to the Countess remaining in hospital with the baby for extra time for medical reasons, but her son Lord Severn (James Windsor), was named just 4 days after his birth.

Based on this and other recent royal births, if everything goes to plan and the baby arrives on time, we should hear of the names within 2 to 4 days. (As a side note, as we expect the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to follow tradition, a royal baby boy will be given 4 names and a royal baby girl, 3.)

The title for the royal baby has already been decided. If it was a boy, it would have been a Prince anyway, but The Queen issued a special letters patent a few months ago saying that all children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be made Princes and Princesses.

This means that the titles for the royal baby will be:

His Royal Highness Prince <NAME> of Cambridge (boy)
Her Royal Highness Princess <NAME> of Cambridge (girl)

The Royal Baby will place immediately as 3rd in line to the throne, pushing Prince Harry down to fourth and everyone below him down one place.

Royal protocol dictates that people should bow or curtsey and address the Royal baby as Your Royal Highness at first, then Sir/ Ma’am (rhyming with pam) after that, though this is a rule that will likely be reserved for the child’s adult life.

The Queen said early in her reign that members of her staff could call her children by their christian names until they were older – it seemed a bit silly to everyone having to address a child as sir / ma’am etcetera.

The Royal Baby will probably be christened in the music room at Buckingham Palace, where many members of the Royal Family have been christened including Prince William himself and the baby’s grandfather Prince Charles. This will be The Queen’s third great grandchild, Savannah and Isla Phillips being her other two.

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Photo Credit: Kent Gavin

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