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Was Prince William mocked at a dinner held by the British Ambassador?

On Friday evening, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a black tie dinner in Paris hosted by British Ambassador Lord Edward Llewellyn.

While most eyes were on the Duchess in an ice-blue Jenny Packham gown, the music for the evening did not go unnoticed.

Kids United, a youth musical group whose campaigns are set up to support UNICEF, had a familiar choice in song when performing in front of the Duke and Duchess, choosing Pharell’s hit song ‘Happy’.

If you can’t seem to place why that song might sound familiar, let us remind you. Prince William’s viral club dancing video of his boy’s skiing weekend was to that very same song. While Prince William didn’t budge, it seems he can’t escape his ill-timed vacation that he took in place of attending Commonwealth Day celebrations.

Other than that gentle reminder of last weekend’s events, the evening went off with out a hitch. The Duke and Duchess dined with guests like Kristin Scott-Thomas, Jean Reno and Audrey Tautou on sole crown and Dublin Bay prawns, crayfish, braised leg of Welsh lamb with a seasonal vegetable garnish and roast potatoes with thyme, and an iced white and dark chocolate soufflé, butterscotch sauce with a pistachio and almond diamond shortbread.

The dinner capped off the first day of the two-day tour of Paris.


Starting off their two-day visit, the Duke and Duchess were met by French President Francois Hollande on the steps of Elysee Palace where the trio smiled for pictures before heading inside.

During their visit, they will meet with survivors of the terrorist attacks in Paris and Nice, as well as taking in a Six Nations rugby match between France and Wales.

The visit comes after Her Majesty signed her Royal Assent to the Brexit Bill. Le Point, a French political magazine described the royal visit by the Duke and Duchess as a “weapon of glamour against a hard Brexit.”

Do you think the choice of song was deliberate? Should they have picked a different song? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below: 

  • Gordon Carmichael

    He deserves to be mocked – shirking the especially important duties, that he is paid by the tax payers to perform, for a drunken and debauched ski trip is wretched. Shame on him.

    • LauraS

      William and Catherine were never scheduled to be at the Commonwealth service, and have not attended it every year. If The Queen had wanted them to be there, they would have been there.

      • Lynn Taylor

        Well said…..

      • guesthere

        The Queen famously doesn’t interfere and allows people to make their own mistakes. She’s letting William make the noose with which he will be hanged by the press. Maybe he’ll learn his lesson.

        • Lynn Taylor

          Well the gutter press have had a go at all the others, now it is his turn….. Well, it sells Newspapers and people buy them and believe all the rubbish written by them……

    • sw1billy

      You may find, Mr Carmichael, that Prince Charles funds Prince William and his wife and Prince Harry from his income from the Duchy of Cornwall and none of the Prince’s family receives taxpayers money. Strictly speaking as Prince William does not receive public funding and no salary he could, if he so chose, do absolutely nothing at all.

      • guesthere

        Again, the Duchy belongs to the people, not the Windsors. All of those expenses that should be used to better the lives of the people are wasted on these two. To the tune of 4 million a year wasted out of the Duchy alone. When the Windsors are thrown out, the Duchy will return to the people not the Windsors. And all of their security is paid by taxpayers, remember?

        • Lynn Taylor

          The land belongs to the Royals and has done for centuries…..

      • Lynn Taylor

        Well said……Time some people learned the real facts before they start mud slinging……..Time

      • Lynn Taylor


      • Lynn Taylor


      • Lynn Taylor

        Well said, time some people learned the true facts before they start mud slinging….

    • Lynn Taylor

      It costs the taxpayers 1p a year each to fund the Royals……..They were born privileged and you were not….accept it…..

  • UF

    It’s highly unlikely Lord Llewellyn even knew what the song was and even more unlikely he knew about the video. His Lordship is 51, former Chief of Staff to David Cameron and graduated Eton and Oxford. I doubt he knows who Pharrell is or cares. Who knows but what HRH hadn’t seen the video.
    More importantly, this evening highlights the kinds of pressures HRH and his Duchess are under almost surely certainly sort-of constantly once-in-a-great-while. It’s easy to see why the Prince so desperately needed a vacation. Looking at his Duchess in her ice-blue gown, it’s even clearer why he needed to take time away from her.
    Apparently he’s out of his feckin royal mind.
    Or he a dypso-maniac.
    Or both

    • RoyalAustralia

      What I fail to understand is why an American artist’s song was chosen to be sung in the first place. This whole visit is meant to be about improving relations between the UK & France, so for my logic at least, a French or British artist should have been chosen. “Happy” has undoubtedly had quite a few extra hits since the skiing trip!

      • Aquarius Anne

        Happy is an extremely popular children’s song (in English); I think it was appropriate for the group.

      • UF

        A very interesting point and very well taken. Leave it to an Aussie. ☺

  • Lynn Taylor

    He is not a shirker, he works very hard…..Just because he had a couple of days off and invited to enjoy himself on a lads night out does not make him workshy……..He works for a living, brings up 2 kids and attends lots of Public Events……The Commonwealth Service was for the Monarch, not him, if the queen let him off then so be it……….The person who sneaked the Video to the press should be prosecuted for invasion of privacy, it was done to cause trouble between him and Kate and to discredit him…….The Gutter press have caused so much trouble over the years for the young royals, (wrecked marriages) and it’s time it was stopped………….Stand up for yourself Wills…

    • guesthere

      He is the laziest member of the British Royal Family, and it was leaked by his co-workers at EAAA that he rarely shows up for work as a co-pilot. The press isn’t “gutter”, they are merely reporting on a spoiled father of two who would rather go drinking and skiing with his friends than do his job. Hope the press keeps up the pressure.

      • Lynn Taylor

        You know him personally do you ? and someone sounds envious of his privileged lifestyle…….He is a young Royal there are more senior Royals than him who can get on with the job for now – Wills will have his turn later, He has to take time off work to attend functions and he also has a young family he likes to spend time with, he is making his marriage work…….I can remember Charles, Anne, Andrew, Edward and even Princess Margaret who were known as great shirkers when they were younger, always being slated by the so called Gutter Press if they were seen enjoying time off and poor Fergie was destroyed by them – we all know why, it sells newspapers, makes the greedy Fat Cats richer cashing in on other people’s miseries (Remember the News of the World)……….. Time to take a long hard look at yourself….

  • Val H

    Do you people live in the past its good for partner’s to have a break trust is a great thing you should try it , and leave this couple to enjoy there lives together. Oh and they do their duties like all our Royal’s do. ( I agree with Lynn Taylor )

    • Lynn Taylor

      Well said….Nobody’s business what anybody else does with their lives……

  • bookworm

    Everyone needs time out – including Prince William. His brother had time out the week before to go to his friend’s wedding, & there was no hue and cry! Don’t judge, you aren’t their shoes, and subject to carping and criticism over every tiny detail and singularly little privacy which also “goes with the job.”

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