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Unwanted Prince George souvenirs to be sold in sale

When Prince George was born last year, souvenirs of all shapes and sizes were made to celebrate the birth of the 3rd in line to the throne. However, souvenirs that failed to sell are now being sold at bargain prices by Buckingham Palace.

Lots of commemorative Prince George souvenirs are being sold at less than half price. [Photo Source: BBC News]

Lots of commemorative Prince George souvenirs are being sold at less than half price. [Photo Source: BBC News]

In the Queen’s Gallery Gift Shop and online, the Prince George stock has been reduced in price indicating that the Palace may have  had trouble selling it after the royal birth in 2013.

A tea towel that was once £8.95 is now just £3.95 is just one of the commemorative items that has been reduced, alongside £20 mugs that are now only £9.95.

The recently priced £195 china commemorative cup can now be bought for £95 and a variety of books and other items are also included in the sale.

Speaking to The Sun, a palace spokesperson said “some baby George items were over-ordered and the January sales are a perfect way to get rid of stock.”

“Sales have not reflected the public euphoria over George’s arrival. It’s a bit embarrassing, but a good chance for fans to snap up a bargain.”

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Prince George may be left alone with his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, whilst Prince William starts a 10 week agricultural course at Cambridge University.

The decision to let the Duke study at Cambridge has caused concern with other students. It is believed that William is preparing to take up a role managing the Duchy of Cornwall Estate.

  • Zebulon

    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had the same problem with over-ordered souvenirs of baby North. This seems like a common problem for celebrity couples.

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