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Two Charged For Topless Duchess Of Cambridge Photos

Two people have been charged in relation to topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge that surfaced last year, taken whilst she and the Duke stayed in France.

The pictures, which were published in a cloud of controversy last year by several news outlets, were taken when the couple were holidaying in France last year.

It is the Head of the publisher of Closer Magazine France and the photographer who have been charged, AFP reports.

The photos of the 31-year-old Duchess emerged last September and most British outlets refused to publish them, in the wake of the Leveson report. The French branch of Closer magazine chose to publish them and St James’s Palace ended up pressing legal charges, one of the first instances of a case like this involving the Royal Family in modern times.

The complaint from St James’s Palace sparked a criminal investigation, leading to the charges which are confirmed today.

The Duke of Cambridge’s mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, was famously hounded by the press even up until her death in 1997. Many consider this legal case as an attempt to try and protect his wife from the media intrusion.

This case could be seen as a new landmark in royal photographing and privacy.

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