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The Range Rover that picked Prince George up after his birth is going up for auction

The heartwarming moment when the Duke of Cambridge carried the cradle in which his newborn son was introduced to the world was witnessed by an estimated 1.1 billion people around the world. But only one lucky person will be able to drive the same car that Prince William drove as he left London’s St Mary’s Hospital.

The black Range Rover will go under the hammer on the Auto Trader website to raise money to buy IT equipment for schools, hospitals and orphanages in developing nations.

Nathaniel Comer, founder of charitable company Sun Screen IT which supplies the computers, expects the exclusive 4×4 to be sold at £150,000. He bought the vehicle in April for an undisclosed fee.

Comer said, “Now seems an opportune time to sell as it’s (virtually) three years to the day the car was seen by billions around the world when Prince William fitted the baby seat very well and drove off.

“[The Range Rover] drives like a boat gliding through a velvet sea – very smooth and very power. It’s refined but it can shift as it has got a 4.4 litre engine.

“It’s got a little fridge in the central console which had a few crumbs in it when I bought it but I told the last owner not to clean it in case they came from George’s food.”

Labelled “the most well-known Range Rover in the world”, the luxury car features a leather upholstery, electrically adjustable and heated seats and climate control. It was first presented to the royal couple in 2013.

The auction for the Range Rover, which has clocked up 31,000 miles ends on 19 August. Proceedings will go to Sun Screen IT as well as Stand Down, a charity for military personnel and veterans who suffer from psychiatric injury as a result of military combat.

Prince George celebrated his third birthday yesterday. He first appeared in public with his parents on 23 July 2013.


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