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The Metropolitan and City Police Orphans gains a new Patron in Prince William

The Metropolitan and City Police Orphans Fund have announced today that the Duke of Cambridge will be their new Patron.

As of January 2017, Prince William will take over a long-standing tradition of a member of the Royal Family holding the patronage. The first Royal Patron of the charity was Queen Victoria.

The Metropolitan and City Police Orphans Fund was started in the 1870s as an Orphanage and according to their web page this “makes it the oldest police charity in the world.” It was originally just the Metropolitan Police Orphanage but in 1871, the City of London Police were included.

In 1937, the Orphanage was closed and made into the present fund. This year, 2017, is the 80th anniversary of the fund.

The Orphans Fund has said they are pleased that the Duke of Cambridge is joining them during this milestone anniversary and that they hope to mark these occasions with “functions for the orphans and their families who are children of deceased or severely injured Metropolitan and City Police Officers.”

The Orphans Fund is funded by the profits and interest from the money that was invested after the Orphanage was sold in the 30s. A percentage of contributions from serving officers is also made to the Metropolitan and City Police Benevolent Funds, as well as Public donations.

Each month the Board of Management meets to go over applications and other business to do with the Fund. The Chief and Deputy Chief Executives administer the funds on a day to day basis.

The Fund’s web page has recorded that in 2015 over £1 million was given to the children of deceased colleagues. Since the charity was started in 1937, over 15,000 children have been supported.

Although the Orphanage has been closed for some time now, the Fund still receives stories of those it has helped, including that of Hilda Rose. Hilda lived in the Orphanage from 1930-1934 after her father passed away in 1924. While at the home she not only met her future husband but became Head Girl, House Captain and Guide Leader.

Her life experiences were chronicled in I was a War Bride, a story that Hilda wrote. Hilda Rose died on 17 July 2011.

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