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The Duke of Cambridge visits McLaren Production Centre

Britain’s McLaren Automotive currently produces some of today’s top sports cars and luxury vehicles. Ever since successful Formula One driver Bruce McLaren first introduced his M1A race car in 1964, McLaren Automotive has grown astronomically into one of Britain’s finest vehicular production companies of the age.

His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge made a pit stop at McLaren Automotive’s location in Woking on Tuesday to tour their iconic facilities and meet with the individuals who keep the production centre working on daily basis. The facility itself is said to embody the very spirit of the company itself which is home to the innovation necessary that is then built into each road car bearing the McLaren name.

“I am a car enthusiast. I don’t know very much about cars, but I like speed,” the Duke of Cambridge said.

During the tour of the McLaren Automotive Production Centre, His Royal Highness was shown a life-size replica of one of McLaren’s cars made exclusively of legos, of which His Royal Highness was clear to convey that young Prince George would be delighted to see.

Upon viewing the facility’s thorough manufacturing process, the Duke was introduced to many of the faces behind the company who work at various stages of the production of a McLaren vehicle from world-class engineers to the apprentices who are just beginning the process of learning what it takes to make a McLaren. His Royal Highness also met with a number of women employed by McLaren Automotive. The company currently possesses a history of broadening their scope of employment for the female population.

His Royal Highness was given a complete tour of the facility’s factory floor before he was honoured with the task of placing the final touch of the McLaren emblem on the latest 720S model car before it enters worldwide distribution.

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