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The Duchess of Cambridge speaks out to promote a series of podcasts on mental health

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince Harry, launched the Heads Together campaign back in May focusing on ending the stigmas associated with mental health. To further her support of this cause, the Duchess of Cambridge has lent her voice to a series of podcasts launched by the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, an organization she began serving as patron earlier this year.

According to Catherine, one in three adults in the United Kingdom wouldn’t seek help for their child’s mental health; mainly because they were too embarrassed. She contrasted this with a parent’s reaction to getting help for their child if they were strickened with a fever. They wouldn’t hesitate to call the doctor and get their child the help they needed. Yet some still can’t wrap their minds around calling the doctor to help their child learn to cope with anxiety or depression.

She said: “Some children are tackling tough times without the support that can help them because the adults in their life are scared to ask. It doesn’t need to be like this.” The Duchess stressed early intervention is key to helping children learn how to cope with their issues and that support for one family member should involve participation from every family member.

The actual therapies utilised to help children are: “simple and practical steps that include the whole family to help children make sense of the world around them.” The Duchess even used Prince George and Princess Charlotte as examples to show how parents shouldn’t be afraid to seek help for their own children.

She said: “Both William and I feel very strongly that we wouldn’t hesitate to get expert support for George and Charlotte if they need it.”

She also expressed her hope for this series of podcasts, which can be accessed through the Anna Freud Centre’s account on iTunes or SoundCloud or the organisation’s homepage at:

The Duchess concluded her statement by encouraging everyone to listen to the podcasts and to share them, all to change how the world sees and discusses mental health.

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