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The Duchess of Cambridge plays Santa to Grenfell fire victims

On Tuesday, The Duchess of Cambridge celebrated Christmas with mothers and their children at a community centre in North Kensington. The Rugby Portobello Trust has provided assistance to these victims of the Grenfell fire.

The horrific fire in September claimed the lives of 71 people including a stillborn baby. It left hundreds of families homeless.

The Trust is a network of local groups who help youngsters and their families by providing parents and their children with programmes such as homework clubs, sporting activities, social groups and tuition.

The Trust has established a New Homes team in order to provide homeless residents with practical support related to their new accommodations. This team has been instrumental in allowing these residents access to available grants both through the public authority and through private donations.


Kate’s visit to the community centre was informal. she interacted warmly with the children and parents. The children were excited to shake her hand as they came forward to accept their gifts. Kate played Father Christmas by handing out presents to the children whose parents attend the Magic Mums group. The Trust has been key in aiding these victims of the inferno as it distributes donated funds to these folks who have lost everything.

Whilst at the centre, The Duchess heard stories from the mothers about the fire and how they survived. She also met children participating in a music programme. Here, they are learning how to express themselves through music and lyrics. She also met staff and volunteers. Kate helped everyone set up for a holiday party to take place later in the day.

To conclude her visit, The Duchess presented an award to the trust to recognise the good work they’ve done in recent months.

The Duchess made a short speech, thanking everyone at the community centre for what they do and for sharing their stories. She received a round of applause as she presented a letter from her, William and Harry.

The letter mentioned how proud she, Harry and William were happy to congratulate the staff and volunteers of the trust on receiving the Inspirational team award.

It continued: “In the aftermath of the terrible tragedy at Grenfell Tower, you all worked tirelessly to help those bereaved by the fire; providing practical and emotional support virtually round the clock.

“Every member of your team – from cooks to youth workers, fundraisers to teachers and army of volunteers – has dedicated themselves to supporting the community.

“We were able to hear first-hand about your help for those bereaved during our visit to the Grenfell Community Hub in September, and we know how crucial your efforts have been at a time of overwhelming grief and sadness.

“Many congratulations on your award.”

  • PennieP.

    I want to know what she handed out to those poor kids
    I’m curious about what they got!!!

    • Dave Stocking

      It was a Royal story book of her life same as everyone gets it sure wasn’t somewhere to live.

      • PennieP.

        Or a food voucher?
        I dare say what they are spending on that hideous sham of a “Wedding “, could feed and house hundreds of the families.
        They are going to pay upwards of £3 million GBP, and that is just for “Security “. Enough to make you weep.

        • Gotta Laugh

          Can you even imagine how much money they rake in … instead of thinking how bad it is? Can you even imagine how much money that ‘wedding’ will bring in to all the businesses around London? Hotels, restaurants, souvenirs, taxis, etc … London will rake in more money than what will ever be spent on a ‘wedding’. Besides, the Royal family makes more money than what they cost … all the charities they support and all of London’s tourism makes money off of them. Maybe a bit of education would serve you best … and I’m not even a Londoner.

          • PennieP.

            Yeah.. Haha. Because everyone in the whole of Great Britian is wealthy ..this Wedding is going to make sure everyone in GB is well provided for.
            Quit being a fool. This will not benefit one single hospital or homeless shelter.
            Grow up.

          • Gotta Laugh

            I gotta laugh at idiots who call others fool when they don’t think like they do. Do you even have the smallest clue as to where each little shillings goes to when there is a huge event like that? Tourists and even British people spend money … and money generates taxes … and those taxes are divided up to go to many places .. including social assistance, and probably yes, hospitals and homeless shelters (as they get charity grants), etc. So you being the fool you sound to be, can educate yourself and be grateful you have a Monarchy that brings in tons of BRITISH pounds .. as maybe GB could be a lot poorer than you think it is. Grow up.

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