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The Duchess of Cambridge hosts symposium on early intervention

The Duchess of Cambridge attended a symposium at the Royal Society of Medicine on Wednesday, an event organised by her Royal Foundation. The symposium centred around championing early intervention into the lives of children to better support them.

The Duchess of Cambridge brought together academics, researchers, practitioners, charities and educators to discuss perinatal, maternal and infant mental health. Academics Simon Wessely and Alain Gregoire, as well as Professor Jane Barlow, NCCF CEO Anna Freud and Peter Fonagy also addressed parenting support and resources for schools.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who is around eight months pregnant with her third child, has a strong interest in the issue of providing a solid social and emotional platform for children at the beginning of their lives.

During a speech given by The Duchess, she said: “I really feel so passionately about the importance of early intervention… providing children in their earliest years with social and emotional security builds strong foundations which last a lifetime.”

She also announced her plans to create a long-term collaboration between experts and organisations to raise awareness of perinatal, maternal and infant mental health, as well as the need to support parents, families and teachers.

Despite being due any day now, The Duchess has not shown any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Last week she attended the Commonwealth Day Service and the following day attended a meeting with Judy Murray, Tim Henman and Wimbledon Officials to discuss children’s tennis initiatives in the UK.

Over the weekend she also attended the annual St Patrick’s Day parade at the 1st Battalion’s base in Hounslow, West London. The Duchess of Cambridge will be continuing her Royal duties on Thursday where she will attend a celebration of the Commonwealth with Prince William. The Royal pair will meet athletes aiming to compete in the Games next month in Australia.

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