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Royal Baby: William & Kate won’t have ‘traditional nanny’

392892_10151552142689066_452412883_nThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will not take on a ‘traditional nanny’ because they will want to be hands-on parents, according to royal expert Jennie Bond.

The former royal commentator believes Prince William and Kate will be hands-on parents and predicts William will leave his RAF search-and-rescue job to spend more time with his wife and first child.

“William will be changing those nappies! I think we’ll be hearing very shortly that he’s going to leave the RAF and come closer to home.

“He’s determined to be there to support Kate and his kid. They’ll have to have some kind of nanny but maybe not full-time nor the traditional royal nanny.” Jennie told the latest issue of Bella magazine.

With just under eight weeks left until the birth of the Duke and Duchess’s first child, excitement is building. Kate has been spotted shopping for baby goodies, most recently spending time in a London baby boutique with mother Carole Middleton. The two spent around an hour in the boutique before leaving with a moses basket.

The child will become the Queen’s third great-grandchild, after Peter and Autumn Phillips’ two children, although Jennie Bond doesn’t predict a “hands-on” approach from the Queen, but she says the Queen will have a “proper” relationship with the baby.

“I’m not sure the words ‘hands-on’ and ‘babies’ go in the same sentence as ‘the queen’! Actually she’s a lot closer to her grandchildren than she was to her own children but I don’t think she’ll be rushing around to change nappies or wind the baby.”

“She’ll show proper great-grandmotherly tenderness and interests.” the commentator added.

Jennie previously predicted William and Kate will be great parents, telling the Express earlier this year that she believed the royal couple would be settle straight into parenthood.

“They’ll be fantastic parents” she told the Express.

Prince William and Kate, who was known as Kate Middleton before her marriage, are busy preparing for the arrival of their first child. The mum-to-be is expected to begin maternity leave around mid-June, a month before the rumoured due date.

The couple have kept the sex of the child a secret, although the Duchess caused a media frenzy earlier this year when she reportedly nearly slipped the word ‘daughter’.

The Duchess was speaking to well wishers when she was given a toy, Kate reportedly answered “I’ll take that for my d…”, before quickly correcting herself and telling the excited crowd she and William do not know the sex yet.

The baby will become third-in-line for the throne after Prince Charles and dad-to-be Prince William.

Photo: Ian Jones


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