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Royal Baby: “Diana” is Britain’s choice for Will & Kate’s first child

Diana has become a favourite choice for the name of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge’s first child.


The name proved the most popular girl’s name for the royal baby in a survey conducted by Baby TV.

The survey showed that the British public think William and Kate should name their first child, if it’s a girl, after the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

In the poll, Diana proved the most popular choice for the future third-in-line with 27.5 per cent of the the vote.

Coming in a close second, 18 per cent believed Elizabeth would be a fitting tribute as the 1, 500 parents chose her name for the future child. However, voters were less eager to name the child Catherine with the name only getting four per cent of the votes.

Meanwhile, Philip proved the most popular boy’s name with 25 per cent of the vote, beating both William and Charles.

Name expert Laura Wattenberg said: “The royal family is the pinnacle of traditional naming, but Will and Kate are still contemporary parents. Their choice may be a balancing act between family and fashion”

“Today, even parents who prefer traditional names also pay attention to style.” she added.

Prince William and Kate, who was known as Kate Middleton before her marriage, are busy preparing for the arrival of their first child. The mum-to-be is expected to begin maternity leave around mid-June, a month before the rumoured due date.

The couple have kept the sex of the child a secret, although the Duchess caused a media frenzy earlier this year when she reportedly nearly slipped the word ‘daughter’.

The Duchess was speaking to well wishers when she was given a toy, Kate reportedly answered “I’ll take that for my d…”, before quickly correcting herself and telling the excited crowd she and William do not know the sex yet.

The baby will become third-in-line for the throne after Prince Charles and dad-to-be Prince William.

Most popular girls’ names for royal baby:

Diana – 27.52%

Elizabeth – 18.35%

Catherine – 3.67%

Other – 50.46%

Most popular boys’ names for royal baby:

Philip – 24.77%

William – 7.34%

Charles – 7.34%

Other – 60.55%

  • I doubt very much the name will be Diana..not even for a middle name. I posted a long post about this on my FB page:

    I think they will choose a name that is very royal,
    British & yet modern at the same time. I don’t think they will choose names
    that are TOO connected to current members of the royal family…with a few
    exceptions. I think they will want this child to have her own identity as much
    as possible. I think they will be mindful of the fact that this name carries
    with it a lot of weight…as in, one day a crown will rest on it, so they will be
    mindful of that.

    Here’s my list of names to ponder. In alpha order.
    At the END I will give you my FINAL PREDICTIONS & my FINAL “I wish” choice:

    ALEXANDRA or ALEXANDRIA: I think this has a very
    good chance to be a first name. Very royal, regal & modern. All positive
    historical connotations & I am considering both versions as one in the

    ANNE/MARY/SARAH/JANE: All very royal but too
    connected to current royals/Diana’s sisters. May factor in as middle names.

    CAROLINE: This could be an option. Very lovely
    name, quite royal & could be seen as a nod to Mama Middleton. I also like
    the idea of a name that starts with the letter “C” since there are so many
    royals with names that start with it (Catherine, Charles, Carole &
    Camilla). A fav of mine personally. Very ladylike & dignified. And it makes
    me think of Caroline Kennedy, who I think is an extremely amazing woman…and
    sort of the closest thing we have to an American Princess in many ways.

    CHARLOTTE: Originally this was my #1 pick (both as
    a prediction AND my personal fav) for a first name…until Charles Spencer chose
    it for his new baby girl. Very royal. Very modern. Lovely name. Also, Pippa’s
    middle name. I don’t think it factors in now though.

    DIANA: I do NOT think this will factor into the
    name at all. MAYBE if they have a girl down the road, but not for a first born.
    I think it is too emotionally charged. I go back & forth on this though.
    Part of me thinks they MIGHT make it a middle name but I’m just not sure. My
    gut says no, though.

    ELIZABETH: I don’t think it will be a first name.
    Almost 100% certain it will be a middle name.

    FRANCES: I’ve seen a lot of people suggest this. I
    don’t think it will factor in at all.

    VICTORIA: Very likely for a middle name. I don’t
    think it will be a first name though, again for the reasons I mentioned above:
    they’ll want the child to have her OWN identity as much as possible.

    WILDCARDS. These are names that I don’t think are
    likely BUT they COULD factor in. They are also names that, in some cases, I
    would LOVE to see them choose but doubt they will. I include them because I
    think that they are names that have a REMOTE chance though.

    ANNABELLE/A: For some reason this name keeps
    popping into my head. The downside is that it is the name of a nightclub that
    Diana used to go to. Lol. But I think it’s a very pretty name. Not sure that it
    has any historic royal connections but it feels very British to me.

    EMMA/SOPHIA/ISABELLA: All very lovely names. Very
    modern & popular. Not sure if they will factor in but I think it is not TOO

    GEORGINA: This one fascinates me. It was the name
    of one of Diana’s most infamous ancestors. She was the Duchess of Devonshire
    & like Diana was born at Althrop. She was the “Princess Diana” of her time.
    VERY interesting woman. If you are not familiar with her, there is a great
    movie about her called “The Duchess” staring Keira Knightley. The movie was
    based on a book that was actually written by a college friend of mine. Small

    MARGARET or MARGUERITE: Perhaps as a middle name.
    I’m not sure. Nice tribute to Princess Margaret but not sure if they would go
    that route. Marguerite was the Queen Mum’s middle name so that might be a nice
    way to honor her.

    ROSE: As a middle name. It was Princess Margaret’s
    middle name too. It was also my grandmother’s name (though I never met her) so
    I would LOVE to see it factor in. I think it is a very sweet old-fashioned
    name. For some reason I feel a pull towards it. English Rose…I like that.

    All of that being said, they may surprise us all…as
    they have so many times…by doing things THEIR way & not worrying about what
    people & even history thinks they should. We could end up with Queen Olive
    (after Catherine’s great-grandmother) for all we know! lol!

    FINAL PREDICTION of what I THINK they will name the

    ALEXANDRA (Alexandria could be subbed & I still
    claim victory!) ELIZABETH VICTORIA

    This is actually a name I would be happy to see
    them chose. I love all three names & think they pay tremendous respect to
    royal history while also providing pretty, modern, sweet names for a little
    girl…and future Queen!

    I could CHOOSE the name (keeping in mind that I am
    choosing a name that I think COULD happen & not just any old name that I
    like…if that were the case I’d choose Ella Grace…my fav name for a girl! Queen
    Lulu would be fun too! Ha!) I would choose: GEORGIANA ELIZABETH ROSE.

    I really love the name Georgiana; it is so melodic.
    I like it also because it is not a very common name & I think it would be a
    very clever way to honor Diana. I am partial to Rose for some reason…I think it
    sounds really pretty as a middle name & of course Elizabeth is, I think a
    given, so I have to include it, even in my fantasy name.

    • Elizabeth Connell

      Yea but we don’t know what gender the baby is, All we know it could be a boy. I’d like to wait and see before i bet on a name. Nice names… though

      • Yes, I know we don’t know the gender. 😉 This was just my thoughts if it was a girl. 😉

  • LondonLadyKay

    Girl: Georgina Frances Elizabeth Caroline

    Boy: George Arthur (Charles, Philip, Michael, Henry) in the mix

  • Elizabeth Connell

    If it was a girl i think they should name her Emily Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Diana or Mary Elizabeth Diana Alexandra that’s a cute name and i like Mary. They should name the kid if it was a boy Henry Charles Philip William

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