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Prince William wraps up his holidays and heads back to work

Prince William was back behind the controls of his helicopter on Thursday, after returning to work the East Anglian Air Ambulance. Whereas last year he took a three-week break over the festive period last year, this year the break was much shorter – though he did have a recent trip to Canada which may have used up some of his holiday entitlement. He seemed to be back very much into the swing of the job as he brought a casualty into Addenbrooke’s Hospital and helped the crew unload the stretcher.

The Prince has faced criticism over comparisons with how many official engagements he and Kate have completed compared with his father and mother at a similar age. However, that comparison is perhaps unfair for a few reasons, perhaps the main being there are now more members of the Royal family who are undertaking engagements and so the load is being spread far wider. I am sure also it is the view of the Royal family that the younger members of the Royal family should both gain work experiences like Prince William does with the Air Ambulance, also using the skills he gained as a pilot for the benefit of the community.

Though he works with East Anglian Air Ambulance, he is employed by Bond Air Services like his colleagues and many other Air Ambulance pilots and engineers across the country. As a pilot, he flies missions for the Air Ambulance across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. East Anglian Air Ambulance flies approximately 150 missions a month to casualties ranging from heart attacks to road traffic collisions, as well as taking expert clinicians out from hospitals to major incidents so they can assess and treat more major conditions.

Perhaps when considering the work that Prince William does, his Air Ambulance work should also be included. Though he does receive a salary from Bond Air Services, it is understood that he chooses to donate the whole amount to charity.

  • luigi pasquali

    When compared to ALL the other Princes, William does very well working two jobs and if you count being a full time father, he works three jobs.

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