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Prince William will visit Centrepoint hostel

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge will visit a hostel run by the charity Centrepoint in London on the 10th of January.

Prince William serves as Royal Patron for Centrepoint, the UK’s leading charity for homeless young people. Centrepoint seeks to help young people ages 16-25 who have found themselves in difficult circumstances – homeless or jobless the organisation gives them a roof over their heads, support for locating employment and continuing their education. They help over 9000 young people every year by providing a roof as well as support to tackle physical and mental health problems. 90% of those young people move on to a positive destination.

On his visit, William will spend time meeting people who the charity is helping turn their lives around. Centrepoint offers a broad range of support to help young people enter the world of work, particularly through Workwise, a four-week programme which has been designed to help homeless young people overcome barriers that prevent them from finding and keeping a job. William will observe some of these Workwise sessions designed for young people, as well as hearing about the personal experiences of those who attend the programme. The Duke will spend time with the staff who help run the hospital, and colleagues from the Learning Team who provide workshops and training sessions like the ones Prince William will see on his visit.

Prince William and Harry made private visits to Centrepoint when they were children alongside their mother, Diana, Princess of Wales who also acted as a patron to Centrepoint.

William became the patron of Centrepoint in 2005 and has since played an active role in aiding the organisation. He spent two days volunteering with the charity meeting several young people. As well as that, in a personal challenge to deepen his understanding of the problems young homeless people face, both Prince William and Centrepoint CEO spent a night sleeping on the streets in London.

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