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Prince William vows to take Prince George to watch Aston Villa to ‘thrash’ Manchester United

Prince William has revealed he plans to take Prince George to watch his favourite football team Aston Villa play Manchester United.

In a special recorded message to mark the 150th anniversary of the Football Association, The Duke of Cambridge joked he and son Prince George will watch Aston Villa beat rivals Manchester United.

“When Villa thrash Man U at Villa Park, my son will be there,” William said confidently.

Prince William- FA

William has recorded a special video message to mark the Football Association’s 150th anniversary. (Photo: FA)

In his message, the Prince speaks of his joy of being the president of the Football Association and the good that the sport can do around the world.

“It’s always meant a great deal to me being the president of the Football Association,” he said. “There’s a lot of good football can do around the world.”

He added: “A lot of people love, respect and enjoy football.”

Despite being president of the Association, the new father who christened his son earlier this week questioned his own abilities on the pitch.

“I’ve always loved football since I was a young boy, I’ve never got any better at it but I keep saying to myself if you keep trying, eventually something will happen.”

The video comes just weeks after Prince William held the first ever football match at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Football Association’s 150th anniversary.


William has revealed he will take George to watch Aston Villa beat Manchester United. (Photo: BBC)

He revealed he had to get permission from The Queen to allow the match to take place on the Palace’s lawn.

“There was one person I needed to get permission from, my grandmother,” he explained “She was extremely supportive.”

He added: “It was little bit of a sweating moment from me having to ask her, for the possibility her lawn might turn into a massive quagmire.”

During the match, which took place in early October, William joked players would have to answer to the 87-year-old monarch if any windows were broken.

“You will be playing football on my grandmother’s lawn. One warning though, if anyone breaks a window, you answer to her.”

The match at the Palace saw Civil Service FC play against Polytechnic FC and during the day William honoured football volunteers for their hard work and time.

On Saturday evening, Prince William will attend a gala for the 150th anniversary at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London.

His video message will be played during the evening’s dinner and the Prince will also make a speech to guests.

Earlier this week, Prince William carried Prince George into the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace as he was christened.

William and wife The Duchess of Cambridge were joined by close family and friends for the 30-minute service, which was celebrated by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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