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Prince William to attend United for Wildlife meetings in Switzerland

As President of United for Wildlife, Prince William will take part in the organisation’s meetings to discuss collaborations and the task force in Gland, Switzerland, on 18th May.15975918671_51ea5d4d58_k

With a conservation crises at hand United for Wildlife, which consists of seven conservation organisations and The Royal Foundation ,will deal with their first priority at the meetings – to fight illegal wildlife trade.

The meeting in Switzerland will be the second gathering of the United for Wildlife task force. Chaired by William Hague, the task force is dealing head-on with the trafficking of illegal wildlife products through different methods of transport by bringing together important leaders from the private sector, such as international trade alliances and airlines.

After starting the day with the task force meetings, Prince William will head to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) headquarters to attend a United for Wildlife collaboration meeting. During the meeting, the organisations will talk over what steps need to be taken to achieve the organisation’s commitments that are: better on-site protection for wildlife, reduce the demand for illegal wildlife products, improve law enforcement, work with the private sector to reduce trafficking, and engage young people with conservation.

Made up of organisations worldwide, IUCN unites governments and non-government groups to solve important environment and development challenges.

As joint Patron’s of The Royal Foundation, Prince William, with the support of brother Prince Harry, started United for Wildlife. The Duke of Cambridge then gathered seven of the biggest field-based organisations to make up United for Wildlife, and together they are able to use their resources to deal with the major crises in conservation and all other wildlife.

During the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s most recent trip to the United States, the Duke took a side trip from New York City to Washington D.C to visit President Obama to discuss United for Wildlife. During his D.C visit, William gave a moving speech saying that the newly formed United for Wildlife “will call on companies to implement a ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards the trade.” He then added that “criminals are able to exploit weak and corrupt standards, so we must raise those standards, collectively.”

He also joined Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, at an event in honour of major wildlife and conservation groups.

Photo Credit: World Bank Photo Collection via Flickr


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